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GIANT GOOGLE receives a staggering  Two million resumes a year, all competing for roughly  8000  positions.

*Less than  one per cent  of the applicants will get hired*.

When I ask her about all the employee perks,  such as the free food, the company lounges, and the ubiquitous  foosball and pool tables she confesses that there is a method to Google's madness.

What looks to an outsider like  ''playtime''  is much more serious. ''All of these things make Googlers'  working lives easier and fun, but they also promote collaboration,'' she explains.  ''There's very little hierarchy here and we encourage cross-fertilisation.''

She reminds me that the engineers I may have seen playing table tennis or volleyball were probably also talking over their latest project. ''It's one of the ways we get things done here.'' 

Another novel Google concept is  ''20 per cent time'' . 

''Sergey and Larry want all  Googlers to devotee 20 per cent of their time to work on any project they are interested in,'' says Mangolini.

She notes that such products as Gmail  - Google's wildly successful email system   -Google News and others were developed during Googlers           20 per cent time.

ONE OF THE COMPANY'S shining stars is Jack Menzel, director of product management at Google  Search, He's part of the team that is continually refining Google's complex search operations.

As we sit in a third-floor conference room, he tries to explain to me what happens when someone types a search query into Google's search engine. 

I say  ''attempt'' , because Mezel is so bright and the process is so complicated that I can barely understand what he is saying.

''Why don't you pretend that you're explaining this to ten-year-old, Jack?'' I ask. 

It doesn't help much. Finally, he just types my name into the search engine. In less than a second,  0.22  of a second to be exact, Google produces  ''About 3460''  results, each of which contains my exact name.

''It's remarkable, isn't it?'' says the bright eyed, bespectacled Menzel. ''Sometimes, it even blows my mind!''

The company's worldwide network of computer servers is constantly ''crawling''  the billions of pages that populate the Internet, to help build its own ''representation''  of the web.

Menzel asks me to imagine the Internet as a vast library. ''Every time it adds a book,  -we record it  -as well as everything that's inside that book. Than we scan for your name.'' Again, his eyes light up.  ''It's mind-boggling isn't it? 

Now,what's equally amazing is that we also show you those results according to how relevant we think they are to you. And we do all that in less than quarter of a second!''

Page rankings are derived from more than  200 different signals, which can include the user's past searches; rankings are generated by complex algorithms    -software programs that direct the search.

These proprietary algorithms are the company's   ''secret sauce'' and are entrusted to only a select few. 

By perfecting their search engine and matching paid ads to users' search results,  Google has risen from a startup in  1998  to become a one of the most profitable companies in the world.

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