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WHAT SHOULD AN AVERAGE human being live, work and strive for in Her or His Life?

FOR ANY CHANGE TO HAPPEN, in any country, society has to change in terms of its behaviour, attitudes and values.

It is easy, even fun, to blame politicians for every wrong in the nation. However, politicians only reflect what society thinks.

Be that it may, the  *World Students*   must step forward and take responsibility for some of the problems.  

*CITIZENS*  that includes students should be the strict teachers who must tell leaders they have a lot of Homework to do.

In the developing world, real and true statistics demonstrate a significant decline in their respective national primary school enrolments.

Given their demographics, where the number of children is increasing by the nanoseconds, the results are terribly alarming. This despite all the noise made about the right to education for everybody.

While the world and we, may choose to forget this inference for the next sensational news item, this is in reality, a very disturbing development.

If the Developing World is not trained to face the  Globalized World  -and primary education is the first step in that training  - you will only end up producing servants and clerks.

And going by the almost constant firefighting most of the related leaders, are more focused on duelling cover up scams, rather than promoting education as matter of life and death. Do they care?

STILL, if enough citizens care, maybe politicians and leaders will stop and take notice. It is with this hope that we must try to analyse the possible reasons for this decline, what will happen if we don't address it and what we can do to actually fix it.

There are five main reasons why enrolment could have dropped. One, the most obvious reason, is that the schools are simply terrible.

If you  visit a village school, in this part of the world, you will realize how everything is of-

Low Quality, from the classrooms to the desks to the quality of teachers. Why?  Don't villagers deserve good schools for their children? One may say the schools are subsidized, so quality cannot be maintained.

Well, maybe we need to spend more money then. Maybe we need more private partners. Maybe we need to redesign the traditional model of a school, perhaps using  *technology to impart learning*. 

The education maybe at the primary level, but it still needs to be of high quality. Low quality education is not really education at all.

Two, the curriculum in these schools is obsolete. *How much has the professional world changed in the last 50 years? How much has these curriculums changed? Who sets these respective curriculums?

Do they revise it from time to time, keeping in mind the needs of the industry and the service sector? 

One big and main reason why poor people send their children to school is so that they can learn skills to make more money.

If schools don't give them those skills, why will they bother? Advanced concepts like education to satisfy curiosity, or learning for learning's sake, do not apply to people with no money.

*A HUNGRY PERSON does not watch  Discovery Channel*. 

A survey in India shows that English Language skills can increase earning power by 400 per cent. Why then does the developing world not teach our people English? Why do government schools start teaching it so late.

Three, the massive inflation rate has made life extremely difficult for people with low incomes. 

Every pair of hands on the fields is now more valuable than sending a child to a substandard school for several years, the benefits of which are very far from clear. 

Four, there isn't enough money being put into education to make more schools or improve existing ones. Tax collections have seen high double-digit growth rates for several years, and it is so in most of the developing     world.

However, much of the taxpayers money is used to fund scams and mass-bribery-type subsidies, explains this great man, Chetan Bhagat, or to pay interest  [often on borrowings made to fund past budget extravagances].

Referring to India, Chetan Bhagat adds : If the 2G auction had been done properly, or the Commonwealth Games hadn't wasted so much money, we could have had a lot more schools.

If, instead of NREGA, we had provided villagers the right skills to enhance farm income and increase job eligibility, maybe we would generate wealth rather than burn it.

Right, on, Sir!

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