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WHILE LECTURING at university years back, I was impressed by the campus community's tolerance of dogs. They were simply everywhere.
One dog even entered my classroom and lay down near the lectern.

Not everyone was completely indulgent, however. One day I heard a stern command from a fellow professor regarding a wayward canine.

Interrupting class in a lecture hall, the professor turned and glared at a student. '' Get that dog out of here,'' he ordered. 
''He's had the course before.''


While my daughter was applying for admission to university. I happened to see a half-completed form on the kitchen table. One question asked. ''What kind of a person would you hope to have for a roommate?''

My daughter answered, ''I'd like her to be extremely gregarious.''

The next question was  ''Why?''

There she had scribbled in,  ''So she'd be out of the room most of the time.''


IN HIS SECOND YEAR, my son moved to a campus 200 miles from home, where girls and parties seemed to occupy far too much of his time. 

One day I called his dorm room and a young woman answered. Trying to control my voice, I asked for Bryan.

''You have the wrong number,'' she replied. ''But I scared you, didn't I?''


EVERY NIGHT MY HUSBAND and I took turns reading to our three-year-old son, Basil, at bedtime.

But one evening only Basil and I were home and because I was cramming for an upcoming biochemistry exam for my  Ph.D., I told him I'd read him a very special story, my textbook.

I started slowly and read in monotone, hoping he'd get bored and fall asleep faster.

Suddenly, I heard, ''Mom! Mom!'' I shook myself awake. ''Why have you stopped reading. It's exciting.''


IN THE CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT at our university we faculty members stored volatile organic chemicals in a small, old refrigerator.

Several times we asked for a new model, only to have the finance office reject our requests. Eventually we figured that the finance people thought we only wanted a new refrigerator for cold drinks and snacks.

So a colleague wrote a purchase order replacing the word  ''refrigerator''  with   ''automatic low-temperature maintenance apparatus.'' 

Our new icebox was delivered.


AT MY UNIVERSITY, psychology of law is a popular course that fills up very early in the registration period.

Students are always begging the professor to admit them late., and one year, the professor had enough.

Up went a sign on his door that read : ''Psychology of law is closed. No plea bargaining.'' 


ONE RAINY NIGHT, I was hurrying home without an umbrella. A tall man came up beside me and let me share his.

I kept looking down while my heart beat fast, for I imagined him to be very handsome.

When I reached home, I said in a small ladylike voice: ''This is my house, thank you.''

'What's the matter with you? It's me! ' the man said.

I looked up and saw my brother.


AT THE SUPERMARKET I noticed an elderly woman peering at the date on a cartoon of eggs. She asked the clerk to read it for her.

''The date is stamped Jan 4,'' the clerk explained. ''That means the cartoon arrived today.''

'Yes,'' the woman replied. ''But when did the hen do it?''

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