Headline Jan 04, 2016/ ''' LIFE by DEATH '''

''' LIFE by DEATH '''

YOU ARE YOUNG   -and you'll stay that way for a long time  -thanks to your constantly renewing cells!

'' There's a lot of plasticity in our ability to process information and adapt to new environment, but it's unknown  how that process works.'' says Spalding.

''Now we are one step closer to understanding it's not happening because we're adding new neurons to the occipital lobe, but adapting existing ones.''

At this point, however, Spalding isn't ruling out neurogenesis {the birth of new neurons} in other parts of the brain. 

She is now looking at cells in the hippocampus, the area of the brain involved in learning and memory.

The Swedish findings have other important implications. The ability to birth-date cells will certainly help in research to unravel the mysteries of degeneration, the effects of disease, injury and ageing.

The method may also help us to understand both obesity and diabetes; for instance, do we generate completely new fat cells when we get fat? Do insulin-producing cells regenerate?

And there have already been forensic applications. Measuring the C14 level in tooth enamel, which we carry for life, enables an accurate estimation of people's age  -a method used by Swedish police to identify victims of the 2004 tsunami.

In Australia, scientists working with stem cells   -the specialised cells that give rise to new cells   -are already working on growing new blood, generating new pancreatic cells to combat diabetes-

And helping people with lung disease by picking up cells that have the ability to renew and replace,  says Professor Alan Trounson, director of the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories, Melbourne.

''I see  [stem cell research]  giving us answers for very complex diseases like cancer, through to regenerating many different part of tissues that are subject to disease and damage, and giving us a better quality of life-

As we get older because we will be able to give people cells that keep their tissues functioning,'' he says.

But there remains the question; if our cells are constantly turning over, why does this process stop? 

Why do we age and eventually die?

Perhaps stem cells age over time and lose their ability to generate progeny. Or maybe we just exhaust our supply. One thing's for certain: by the time we find out-

 There could already be a whole new you. !WOW!

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