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HOW THE WORLD FARES   -in the years ahead, much would depend upon how the  students of the world, rise to their respective challenges............

This is how complex and this is how simple it gets.

Just so recently, the US First Lady Michelle Obama has invited Maryam Nawaz  -[the daughter of the Prime Minister Of Pakistan]-  to join hands in supporting a special programme,  '' Let Girls Learn ''  wherein-

Girls and Women would be encouraged to complete their education and build their careers and also help build a better world. 
!WOW!  -thanks the First Lady, and hopes that Maryam Nawaz will extend the programme to the marginalized sections of the society, as a top priority.

Need I add,  one... and this very sad and shameful statistic that in Pakistan: 53,000 children under the age of five years die every year because of diarrhoea. A disease that can be averted up to  16%   only  with handwashing.

And  Handwashing  is globally recognised as the most cost-effective development intervention. The Pakistani students must consider  spreading this vital knowledge.

And now to the research post.................

With office space donated by  Morgan Stanley  and  $26,000 in seed money from Mobil,.....Teach For America, took off.

Kopp soon learned that conviction and a compelling idea only go so far. She would find out later about the power of experience.

When Kopp started  Teach For America,  everyone she consulted said she wouldn't find more than 50 recruits.

Convinced that  500   was the smallest number needed to make a national statement,   she ignored them     -AND  2,500 seniors applied.

Initially there was concern Kopp  was recruiting people who had not majored in education and that she was asking for only a  two-year commitment.

To Kopp, that was the core element of  Teach For America's  success.

''I felt strongly it's the two-year commitment that enables us to draw folks from all different career interests and academic majors. And I've held firm on this over all these many years."

Over the course of time, Kopp says,  "I've gotten a lot of advice that I didn't follow. Part of being an entrepreneur is standing firm on what  you're doing and not just swaying with the wind.''

Burt her single-mindedness was tested several years after she launched the project when,  like many young entrepreneurial organizations throughout the world, Teach for America hit the wall.

''It wasn't clear where our next payroll was going to come from, leaders in the education world were criticizing our approach, and our internal organization wasn't as strong as it is now," says Kopp.

"I felt at times as though I was surrounded by a sea of negativity."

Ultimately, Kopp decided to stick it out. To do that, she realised that she was going to have to change her entire approach to managing.

"In the beginning, I had almost a disdain for the fine details of management. But when things seemed to be crashing down, I realized that whether we fulfilled our programmatic mission-

To ensure that kids in low-income communities have the opportunities they deserve     -had everything to do with whether I became a good manager.

I learned, the hard way, lessons about the power of a clear mission, about developing talent and systems for accountability.''

Kopp knows that the recruits face enormous obstacles:
''Our corps members are teaching in the most challenging situations. Their kids are far below the national average.

Through ongoing training and development, we're increasing the percentage of our teachers who are affecting significant academic gins in their schools."

Pausing to reflect, Kopp says, "It's incredible to what you can build with time and continuous improvement. I have both a constant fear that things will come crashing down and a conviction that at the end of the day-

Something that's meant to be will be. The fear keeps me working extra hours, and the conviction makes it all worth it."

With most respectful dedication to US First Lady Michelle Obama. See You, Maam,  and First Family, on !WOW!  -the World Students Society. And

With respectful and loving  dedication to all these Great and Bright Students : 
Mariam, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Sarah, Saima, Malala  [Noble Prize], Paras, Sorat, Anne, Sameen, Aqsa, Talat, Eman- Haanyia, Merium, Maynah, Armeen, Nayab- Tooba-

Hussain, Ali, Shazaib Khan, Salar Khan, Bilal Malik, Haider, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Ahsen,  Jordan, Vishnu/India, Ghazi, Sherbano, Reza/Canada, Toby/China, Hamza, Zaeem, Hazeem, Asim, Sanan, Noman, Ehsen, Faizan, Hassan, Danyial, Rhym.

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