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THAT THE proposed building was received with great enthusiasm was no surprise; a small suburban city like Cupertino-

Is rarely going stand in the way of whatever its largest tax payer wants to do, and the building, after all, was one  of  Steve Jobs dying wishes. What was more surprising was that not long after-

Apple unveiled Foster's audacious design, which it expected to start constructing soon and to occupy in 2016. Facebook decided that it, too, needed more space, and after searching for several months for an architect, the company hired Frank Gehry, one of the few architects in the world who is even better known than Foster, and set him to work on a massive building of its own.

Gehry's  Facebook  building is intended in some ways to be the antithesis of Foster's for the Apple. It will be set lower into the ground and will be covered entirely by roof gardens : a building that will break into the landscape rather then hover over it like an alien spacecraft.

{From the moment the design became public, people have been calling the Apple building : "Spaceship".

But Facebook's project is not exactly what you would call modest: underneath those gardens will be what might be the largest office in the world, a single room so gargantuan that it will accommodate up to  10,000 workers.

A few months after Facebook unveiled Gehry's project, the summer of 2012, Google, the largest company of all, which until then had been operating solely out of existing buildings that it had renovated to suit its purposes, announced that it, too, was going to build something from scratch.

Google had cancelled a new building designed by the German architect Christoph Ingenhoven earlier that year, but after the Facebook announcement the company turned again to the idea of putting up a new building, as if it could not be left out of this latest form of Silicon Valley competition.

In the architecture arms race, Google's long-standing practice of taking over old suburban office buildings  -and sometimes even entire office parks  -scooping out their insides, and replacing them with lively, entertaining innards was no longer enough-

Google hired NBBJ, a prominent Seattle based firm  -take that Microsoft!  -and set it to work on a new complex to add to the dozens of low-rise buildings it already occupies in the town of Mountain View. 

All of this activity suggests that Silicon Valley now wants to grow up, at least architecturally. But it remains to be seen whether this wave of ambitious new construction will give the tech industry the same kind of impact on the built environment that it has had on almost every aspect of modern life-

Or even whether these new projects will take Silicon Valley itself out of the realm of the conventional suburban landscape. One might hope that buildings and neighborhoods where the future is being shaped might reflect a similar sense of innovation. Even a little personality would be nice.

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