Headline Nov 26, 2015/ ''' !HELLO GOOGLE... - ...MEET WIKILEAKS! ''' : !WOW! '''

''' !HELLO GOOGLE... - 

...MEET WIKILEAKS! ''' : !WOW! '''

INFORMATION, like climate, is intimately linked with the very nature of the contemporary world.

*This World is nothing for human beings but a broad range of interpretations. It means the world, since the emergence of Language, has mostly existed as information {interpretations of the world).

Controlling the number and scope of possible interpretations that circulate in the public sphere is most powerful tool for any system of thought control.

It is precisely for this reason that   Big Brother,   the dictator in George Orwell's novel 1984, removes all the adjectives from the dictionary. Adjectives help people pass judgements, he reasons.

For George Orwell, thought control was the ultimate tool for controlling the present, the past and the future:
''He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.''

In this context, this book :  *When Google Met Wikileaks*   is about the right to control the world through information. 

For Julian Assange, keeping information secret is :  ''CRIMOGENIC''  as in it produces crime.

His argument is quiet convincing :  *If the governments of the world are doing things that are not criminal, they do not need to hide anything. In his view governments lie all the time but they lie more often just before they start a war.

The lies that a government wants to tell its people are spread through the media. It means that journalists are becoming directly involved in the process of war and peace:

''Most wars in the twentieth century started as a result of lies amplified and spread by the mainstream press.''

Assange's interpretation of this fact is counterintuitive and,  and very astute. He believes that the fact that governments have to lie before they can start a war is very encouraging.

It means that the people of the world dislike wars and they have to be lied into wars. It means that telling the truth before a war breaks out can save lives. This is  ''a tremendous opportunity''  in Assange's vision because truth is linked with peace and the combination is a ''cause for great hope''.

As far as direct confrontation with extremely powerful structures is concerned, the political tactics and strategies of  Julian Assange are very similar to the ones identified by Ashis Nandy in his book:  The Intimate Enemy.

In Nandy's Interpretations the Native Americans get decimated because they took the idea of bravery too seriously. Because the coloniser has superior weapons, the coloniser promotes bravery instead of deceit.

Because of their bravery, the dominated group comes in direct conflict and leaves the stage empty for the coloniser.

Julian Assange echoes the same thoughts in his model of resistance.

This is an extremely valuable book for those who want to learn how two greatest technological minds of the  21st century think about power.

The Honour and Serving of this great educational ''Operational Research'' continues. Than you for reading and see ya all on the following one review.  

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