Headline Nov 19, 2015/ ''' *UNIVERSITIES BY THE STARS* '''


THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION.....[THE].... WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS 2015 -  2016  were recently announced-

With US taking the lead with six of its universities in top 10:

1 .-  CalTech 
3 .-  Stanford.
5 .-  MIT
6 .-  Harvard
7 .-  Princeton
10.- Chicago

The UK had three

2 .-  Oxford.
4 .-  Cambridge
8 .-  Imperial College

Switzerland had just One, that made the cut too.

9 .-  ETH Zurich 

Among the regional and Muslim countries, in the top  500  universities,  India lead with five universities, Turkey with 3,  Iran 2,  Malaysia 1, and Saudi Arabia 1. Even among the small  knowledge-based-economies of Asia-

Hong Kong had all its six universities listed,  Singapore had both its universities, and even Israel has four of its six universities listed. 

SAD,.... that I am, and sadder that it makes me,  -I am sorry to inform the Pakistani students, and the Pakistani nation, the  ''First Temporary Historic Host of !WOW  that:

*No Pakistani university made it to the top  500 universities  of the world*. And allow me to enumerate this somewhat more:

According to  Quackuarelli Symonds  {QS]    which ranks Asian Universities, Pakistan moved up from.....ZERO RANKING in 2010,  to  4 in 2011,...6  in 2012,........7 in 2013, and.......10 in 2014.

Some six weeks ago,  QS  announced the  2015-16  list of top-ranked Asian universities.
In the top  250,  only three Pakistani universities could hold their places from the previous 10. Not only that, they also lost their positions compared to their previous rankings.

[So why is it that Pakistani has slid back to where it was in 2009  -not even one one of the  173 universities in Pakistan ranks among the top 500 universities despite a substantial increase in  HEC  funding by the current government?]

FOR THE DEVELOPING WORLD it is important to analyse and understand the  ''THE   [AND QS]  ''   criteria to be able to strategise. plan.compete and be ranked at the top.

The rankings employ  13  carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide a most comprehensive and balanced comparison, which are grouped according to the following areas {and scores}.

.- Teaching...30%.... with the following breakdown : 
reputation survey 15%, staff to student ratio 4.5%,  doctorate to-bachelor's ratio 2.25%, doctorates awarded- to-academic staff ratio 6%, and institutional income 2.25%. research 30% with the following breakdown:

Reputation survey 18%, research income 6%, and research productivity 6%, citations 30%; international outlook 7.5% with the following breakdown:

International-to-domestic student ratio 2.5%, international-to-domestic staff ratio 2.5%,  and international collaboration 2.5%, and industry income 2.5%.

*Clearly it can be seen that teaching and research reputation matters the most*.

The Honour and Serving of the latest ''Educational Operational Research'' continues. Thank You for reading and sharing forward. And see Ya all on the following one.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders of the Developing World,  Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See You all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society:

''' Cataclysm '''

Good Night and God Bless

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