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Wojcicki's experience with kids  -hers range from 8 months to 15 years -is now a business advantage. They are her first guinea pigs for many of her ideas.

''There are two very different kinds of users of YouTube,'' she says. The first kind come to the site for a specific video   -they're looking for information or they've clicked on somebody's else link.''

''Those tend to be older people. But the younger generation has found content that they connect to in a specific way. That content is on YouTube. And it's not on TV.''

Young viewers subscribe to channels of the YouTubers they like and interact with them in the comments. They're a very engaged bunch, and not surprisingly the advertisers love them. To keep them coming, YouTube has to keep putting up a lot of new content.

More than 400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute  [that's 65 years a day], three times as much as was being posted two years ago. That means more sharing and more engagement. So it's crucial that company keeps its creators happy. 

"My VISION AND MY STRATEGY  -[it] is to have a great service, keep making it better, keep updating it for the times, like keep making it more mobile, faster, etc," Wojcicki says..

"But then let's really dig into these areas that we know are really important for us like music, gaming and kids."

As visions go, this is pretty practical too. Of the  100  most watched clips on YouTube as of this August 2015,  89 are official music videos. Ten of the other 11 are for really little kids.
[The remaining one is the 2007 classic  "Charlie Bit My Finger  -Again," a story of love, pain and forgiveness, all in a tight 55 seconds.]

And YouTube's gaming channels are crazily popular; the Swedish gamer PewDiePie  {rhymes with cutie pie}  has nearly 39 million subscribers. He reportedly made $7 million from his videos and endorsements last year.

Wojcicik's straightforwardness is what colleagues say makes her effective; she's a simplifier in a group that tends to see things as complicated. "If you are part of Google you have to be analytical. There's no way around it," says YouTube's global head of business, Robert Kyncl.

''But Susan also has five kids. She's a very regular person-mom who knows what regular problems means for a lot of people. And so she's able to bring normalcy to a lot of different decisions."

In February, Wojcicki launched YouTube kids, an app that fences in a safe corner of the Internet  for parents to let their kids explore. It also redesigned its app to make it more mobile-friendly and announced a new service that will offer nothing but gaming videos, so that, as product manager Alan Joyce puts it:

"When you want something specific, you can search with confidence, knowing that typing  "call''  will show you  Call of Duty and not  'Call Me Maybe.' " 

But it can also mean that those products aren't perfect. The algorithm that decides what's appropriate for kids occasionally lets the wrong stuff through.

And an algorithm can't really calculate the infinite variations in parents' opinions about what's appropriate. Millions of parents let their toddlers watch toy unboxing videos. 

But to many others, a 55-minute clip of hands opening and playing with various Play-Doh and Disney toys is nothing more than back-to-back feature length ads.

Bethany Mota, the style viogger known for offering advice on subjects like ''lazy-days hair'' and DIY decor has gone on to launch a line with Aeropostale and appear on Project Runway.
Subscribers : 9.3 million.

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