Headline Nov 11, 2015/ ''' ! YOUTUBE......OF.....​YODELLERS ? '''

''' ! YOUTUBE......OF.....​YODELLERS ? '''

WITH YouTube banned   -the Pakistani students and the public at large find other ways to access the site, such as proxy servers. 

!WOW!'s point is, that there really isn't any point in banning  YouTube, as people already have access to the website.

''YouTube is as much a community product as it is a algorithm.'' says Hunter Walk. a former Googler and YouTuber, who worked with Wojcicki at AdSense. ''It involves humans to a greater degree than some of Google's products do.''

So, as it faces increasing competition from all the corners of the Internet, it only makes sense to have it headed by someone who speaks human.  

YouTube IS NOW the world's third most popular online destination. Of the 3.2 billion people who have Internet access, more than 1 billion watch YouTube.

It has more American viewers ages 18 to 49 just on mobile than any cable network. Revenues increased by an estimated $1 billion last year. [Google is coy about profits]. The site is available in 61 languages, it has i million advertisers.

That's just the data. Less quantifiable is the way YouTube's free, searchable, mobile, all-you-can-see-video buffet has changed the way we navigate the Internet and thus understand what's happening. Yes, people now have unfettered access to crotch-injury video.

But they can also see protests from Tahrir Square or hear directly from ISIS on their phones. Consider this : almost everybody now agrees * that police sometimes use unwarranted violence against African Americans. Two years ago that wasn't true. Online video   -and specifically YouTube did that*.

On Aug.10 Google announced it was renaming itself Alphabet and creating conglomerate of subsidiaries to pursue wide-ranging ventures from delivery drones to self-driving cars. 

That means YouTube, which will remain a part of a subsidiary of Alphabet called Google, will become even more vital to the search giant's bottom line. That will put Wojcicki's pragmatism to the test.

When Wojcicki and her two sisters were growing up on the Stanford University campus, they lived next to the Dantzigs. 

*George Dantzig* created the simplex method, an algorithm used for linear programming, considered one of the top 10 algorithms of the last century*.  {The scene in  Good Will Hunting in which Matt Damon's character solves a vexing math equation on the board is based on an incident in his life.} 

Dantzig also grew lemons. At a young age, the Wojcicki sisters used to pick the fruit and sell it door-to-door for 5cents each. ''People called us the Lemon Sisters. ''They thought it was a great deal,'' says Wojcicki. ''We thought it was a great deal too.''

The parallels with her current job are hard to miss. Wojcicki brings something made by someone else to other people's homes for an unbeatable price. And there are two ways to regard what she delivers: either its the product of genius, or it's a lemon. In any case it's a great deal.

''Young people have created a fascinating and complex world of deep engagement on online,'' author John Green said at one event. ''A world in which they are not just watching content online but becoming a part of it.''

Green credits YouTube with helping him meet Esther, on whose life he based his mega best seller : The Fault in Our Stars, and with finding and connecting with most of his readers.

He and his brother Hank have made quite a business out of YouTube engagement, although not primarily through advertising, even though their videos have been watch  800 million times. They sell service to other YouTubers, and they organize VideoCon-

 A conference for online video creators, many of whom are under 25. It sold out this year. ''I'm not here to entertain you or to educate you or to kiss up to you,'' he told the advertisers.

''I'm here to scare you.''

Issa Rae  -The Actor launched her popular series  The Misadventures of Awkward Block Girl on YouTube; now she's developing her own show for HBO.
Subscribers : 202,000.

Smosh. Comedy duo Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla have been making spoofs and sketch videos since 2005. This year they got their own movie from Lionsgate.
Subscribers : 21 million.

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