Headline Nov 10, 2015/ ''' YOUTUBE....*YOWL*...​.YEARN '''

''' YOUTUBE....*YOWL*...​.YEARN '''

PAKISTAN  -the proud  *first temporary historic host*   of  the World Students Society, most lovingly called !WOW!, banned YouTube in 2012.

The world's largest  video-sharing website, YouTube, is the ultimate destination for students/kids on the Internet. It was banned in September of 2012 because a blasphemous video was uploaded on it.

At the level of pure and simple greatness, ''we have to accept that every culture, religious group and country have been the point of ridicule at some point during their existence,'' writes student Usman Aslaam, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

YouTube pretty much owns kids'  eyeballs at this point. One of its core demographic is  8 to 17 years old students. According to a 2014 survey of  6,661 students/kids and their parents by youth researchers  Smarty Pants-

66% of students/children ages 6 to 12 visit YouTube daily, including  72% of 6-to-8-year olds. When Variety asked a bunch of teens to choose their favourite stars among 20 names, the top five were all from YouTube.

THAT few people can name the woman running arguably the most important new-media business in the world may be an anomaly or by design. Either way, it's worth spending time with her-

Because we're all subject to the increasing impact of her content. And the pressure of how to direct that power is only going to grow in the coming year.

THE CEO OF YOUTUBE cannot stand up. She keeps falling to the mat like a cat off a ceiling fan. Or a guy cannonballing into what turns out to be solid ice. Her helmet is awry. Her trousers have slipped to plumber level.

A bunch of YouTube employees are watching their boss, Susan Wojcicki, 47 take on the  ''Meltdown,''  which is like a large blow-up kiddie pool with a big foam propeller rotating in the middle that people are supposed to duck or leap over. Wojcicki has mastered the duck but takes a pummeling when she tries the leap.

The Meltdown, along with a bouncy castle, a slushy machine, some-jumbo-size board games, oceans of red candy and a DJ, has been installed in the back of YouTube's blocky California offices so the company can celebrate 10 years of helping people make a spectacle of themselves, which Wojcicki would be doing right now, except nobody cares.

This is a bit of nerd crowed; if she were to fall on the giant chess set installed in the office foyer, now that would be embarrassing.

Wojcicki  {Wo-jiss-ki}  is at the helm of YouTube at a time when almost every female executive of big technology company is a cause celebrate, often for making significant contributions to the national discussions around feminism and work-life balance.

People outside Silicon Valley know, for instance, how much [or little]maternity leave Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took in 2012 to have her first baby. And many a nontechie's shelf holds a signed copy of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's 2013 best seller   Lean In, a call for women to do what it takes to become  business leaders.

But the fanfare around Wojcicki is more muted. When she took over YouTube in February 2014, the New York Times ran a photo of her sister Anne by accident. ''They actually had a picture of both of us, and they cut me out,"  says Wojcicki, smiling. "I will say Anne thought it was great." 

This is all the more unlikely because of her colourful pedigree: Google, which bought YouTube for $1.65 billion nine years ago, was started in Wojcicki's garage. She was its 16th employee. She has five kids with her husband {also a Google employee}.

Her dad escaped Poland at the age of 11 hiding in a ship's coalbin. Her sister recently divorced from Google co-founder Sergey Brin, meaning Wojcicki more or less works for her ex-brother-in- law.

Then there's the hydra she's in charge of: For example, PEWDIEPIE. The most followed YouTube personality posts videos of himself playing games and making commentary. Last year he took home a reported $7 million in ad  revenue. Subscribers: 38.9 million.

Abbi Jacobson And ILana Glazer, The comedy duo posted two dozen episodes of their series Broad City on YouTube starting in  2010; now it's a program of Comedy Central. Subscribers : 50,000. 

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With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society:

''' The YouTube Culture Economy '''

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