Headline Oct 06, 2015/ ''' HOTHOUSE ROSES '''


MY, my, these are one hell of a  -loopy times. The magnificently talented Pakistani students, and  '' minimally''   talented contributors to the World Students Society. 

In such a state, there are no victors. I sigh, take a deep breath and continue burning the midnight oil,  -abstracting the most most advance portal/vortal humankind will know.

OH what fun and honour it is. !WOW!  Even when my heart is heavy: 

OREGON,  -the slain professor at the hands of his student, and all the precious student lives lost- in this indescribable massacre,  -has left the World Students Society in deep mourning.

Writing anything more on it, is a terribly troubling thoughtful whim. For,  if nothing else, the piece would bring with it the enticing possibility of getting the students into a real lather.

How much violence and human degradation the new computer games contain are the most-violent-and-degradation rich wave of games in the history of the microprocessor.

Just a few examples of the recent, that is not too long ago, past:

Doom II : Hell On Earth follows Doom, a graphically rich 3-D shooting gallery that attracted about 7 million players worldwide within a year of its release. In Doom you fled through a demon infested Martian labyrinth-

Killing anything that moved including other players, who could be linked in by modem or network. Your weapons included a chain saw and a BFG 9000 [the G is for ''gun'']

Doom II : for PCs on CD-ROM or floppy disk delivers a similarly structured bloodbath but shifts the scene to an Earth overrun by new demons, such as the Revenant 

''He's this tall skeleton guy who has these tall skeleton guy who has these fireball launchers on his shoulders. If you get close enough, he'll start beating you in the face,''  explains John Romero, one of Doom and Doom II creators.

The game does have a goal : You go to hell and kill its overlord, saving the world. 

In  Take 2  Interactive Software's more simply named  Hell  you're placed in Washington. D.C., in the year 2095, after the government has convinced anyone it controls the gates of hell  [proving Lincoln wrong].

Rather than cowering in your home, ignoring society's problems {by, say, engaging in mindless home entertainment} you for some reason resolve to rectify the situation by personally visiting the underworld.

Dennis Hopper and Grace Jones [in voice and animated likenesses] portray Hell's satanic villains. Supermodel Stephanie Seymour makes the leap from rock videos to CD-ROM in her first speaking role.

I won't spoil the grisly ending, but in  HELL   you get to kill at least one celebrity.

Merit Software's Harvester isn't explicitly about hell but is about  hell  but is promoted as :  "graphically violent experience in terror." It's the brainchild of Gilbert Austin, a Texas  game designer with a cultlike following-

Who publicly decries efforts to label media violence. In one somewhat recent interview, he called  Janet Reno  a Commie for, apparently, her interest in law enforcement.

In Harvester,  you're a small town nobody whose fiancee disappears. Then you come across a skull and spinal draped neatly neatly across her bedspread. Naturally, you investigate by entering the creepy local town lodge, descending into its squalid bowels to battle an assortment of atrocious freaks.

Should this stuff be labelled? Probably. Labels now reveal how much niacin a bag of Doritos contains; a clue about whether you're spending a $70 on a gift that celebrates dismemberment can't hurt.

On the other hand, we all know that games don't hurt anybody.

Atrocious freaks do.      
With respectful dedication to the memory of all the Students, Professors and Teachers who have lost their lives, in living memory, to  dangerous psychopaths the world over.

''' Performance By Design '''

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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