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LOW-LEVEL EXHAUSTION,  Thickening brain fog. A to-do list longer than the Pakistani Students, nay, nay, Kyoto Protocol.

O'' Almighty! God, where on earth are you residing these days? Well, I guess it may be good enough time to shake al  these, Pakistani students, 'ok, OK!...Sir,' make that, All the Students of the World?!

It's just another day at college, university, or office. 
There's caffeine of course, but as performance enhancers go, it's entry-level stuff, a weak out-dated crutch for that over-stretched and the chronically sleep deprived. 

So, maybe it is time to step up the big table. Neuro-enhancement.

Many and... Meany's old addled brain has probably read about them.........a new generation of drugs developed and prescribed for  cognitive disorders  such as ADHD, Alzheimer's and narcolepsy, that are- Becoming increasingly coveted for their .........''non-medicinal''    benefits.

What Margaret Talbot, only some years ago, described in  The New Yorker as  ''drugs that high-functioning and over committed students/people take to become:
''Higher Functioning and Over-Committed.''

ONE IN FIVE respondents for an  online survey  by  Nature  admitted to using cognitive-enhancing drugs, acquired through a  ''generous''   GP prescriptions or Internet chemists with addresses in the Cayman Islands.

From Students on Ritalin   [an amphetamine derivative]  for exam cramming, to academics and businessmen using  Modafinil   [a drug marketed at at narcoleptics]  for jet lag or as a pre-meeting pick me-up.

This was more than ProPlus upgrade.

'' With Modafinil, I have done studies in healthy volunteers that show quiet marked improvements in  cognitive function    -that's planning, problem-solving, memory improvements and executive functions.''

Barbara Sahakian, a clinical  neuropsychologist at Cambridge University who works specifically in the field of cognitive enhancing drugs, disclosed. She had one author at the level of  ''marked improvements.''

Was this then the dawn of what Anjan Chatterjee, a  neurologist at the University of Pennsylvania, called   ''cosmetic neurology''    -a lifestyle market which would help the   ''worried well'' perform at their optimal level?

So, one distinguished researcher, now states thus : ''With a two-week supply of Modafinil on my desk, I was about to join the party. Its apparent lack of addictive potential and side effects had anecdotally made it the mature alternative-  To the moreish Ritalin, but it remained relatively unresearched.

In fact, no one seemed to know exactly how it worked. But any question marks over the wisdom of a   self-administered  experiment on my   one and only brain evaporated  when put against the potential benefits   -with a week of intense and focused effort-

I could clear my backlog and regain control. Stress levels would fall off. I'd have more energy and time. And what if they do make you smarter?  

Perhaps I'd take up an instrument, start an  online  business. Maybe, finally, I'd come to appreciate the films of  Wim Menders.

I was for sure, getting ahead of myself! Hahaha!''

The Honour and Serving of the  ''Operational Research''  continues. Thank you for reading and enjoying yourselves, but  '''don't miss the following one'''.

With respectful dedication to all great humans who devouted large portions of their life to serving humanity. People like:
President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton, Alfred P Sloan, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates,  Prince Al Waleed, and

This great and fearless man, Professor. Dr Iftikhar Ahmed  Khan, the consultant to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and ever, a good cerebral friend.

With loving dedication to all the Students of the World. See Ya all On !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' The Legends '''

Good Night and God Bless

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