Headline Sep 27, 2015/ ''' WORLD HONOUR : PAKISTAN'S SABEEN MAHMUD '''



FEARLESS, ARTICULATE, devouted, brilliant, Sabeen Mahmud's murder stunned the world, into even more recognition, of a very high class human.

Few here believed enough to go beyond words, to enact the change that was needed, the one all dreamt of, and none took the risks quite like Sabeen-

Because Sabeen wanted more that articulation. She wanted  transformation, a change for a very better world.

Civilization clock is always slow but ours was turned back due to the vicious circle of terrible fear,  and horrible ignorance, apathy and detachment with total human values.

History bears witness, and within its deep folds, holds the bitter truth that it has understood over many, many centuries   -that to shape a culture that will nourish, fortify and safeguard a people against tyrannies of all kinds:

Sabeen Mahmud  accomplished the enviable and massive task of setting our dormant clocks in motion once again. And she accomplished that with great struggle, great dignity and super valour.

Sabeen Mahmud's   T2F   has often been described as an  ''oasis'', a place where hope is nurtured with prevailing chaos and despair    -one lecture, one conversation, one cultural event at a time.

So singular is this space, any analogy that comes to mind seems to be a tired one. When one American author and poet, invited to give a poetry reading at T2F, was so overcome by,  'by how much it felt like walking into a dream-

Only better, because in dreams you cannot inhale the musk of books, paint murals with friends, and be enraptured by a Sufi qawwali or a viola concert, ''bring your brains'' to talks on everything from truck art to foreign policy to Shakespeare to cyber-crime law-

Engage in civic hackathons and flood-relief drives, take part in such revered traditions as street theater or  *dastaangoi*, the classical art of storytelling.''

A space that has gained international attention and is in step with modern times and conversant with the West,  T2F is nonetheless rooted in Pakistan's own Long lost, powerful counterculture that-  Pak Tea House, the famous salon of writers, artists, agitators, originally embodied.

With  T2F , Sabeen reinvigorated what she considered to be the treasured legacy handed down to her. In her own words:
** ''To our elders, the giants on whose shoulders we stand: you raised us to do the right thing, to rise up against injustice, to fight for what we believe in. You raised us on the poetry and music and literature of resistance and revolution.

You raised us to roll up our sleeves and fight.  And this is what we will do even when it isn't  ''safe''.  

I never want to hear my friends children say, 'your generation failed us.''

With a fierce mind governed by love and a great measure of honour and innocence, she taught the Pakistanis and the world how to work, how to play, to imagine and invent   -collaborate, protest, and most of all not be afraid.

Sabeen Mahmood loved Pakistan, Sabeen loved humanity,  -despite the heartbreaks, and gave the universe her all.

This face of ineffable innocence captures the essence of the gutsy woman who brought about an  irreversible change  in the mindset of a-

Generation living in a climate of lawlessness and intellectual and cultural deprivation. And transform she did! 

Great work, great honour Sabeen Mahmud, to have known you!      

With respectful dedication to the Prime Minister M Nawaz Sharif, O''Captain Imran Khan, Prof Dr Iftikhar A Khan, Asstt Prof M Jawaid Khan/US, Fahim Khan/Lebanon,Lecturer Hammad Khan/UK,  

Engineer Basharat Akber Khan, Technologist Amin Malik / US, Engineer Imran Basit, Engineer Dr. Imran Bokhari, Naveed Iqbal Querishi/ Saudi Arabia, Imran Khan/Dublin.

Students: Mariam, Rabo, Dee,Haleema, Sarah, Malala, Eman, Ufera, Laraib, Armeen, Saima, Aqsa, Anum, Shazia gul, Farzana, Irum, Zainab Khan, Rhym Khan, Amina Khan, Armeen, Hussain, Ali, Vishnu/ India, Shahzaib Khan, Salar Khan/US, Jordan/US, Haider, Fahad,  Hamza, Faizan, Ahmed, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Zaeem, Hazeem, Asim, Hanyia, Meriam/Dublin, Maynah. And all the students of the world.

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