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!WOW!    -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless, the exclusive and total ownership of every single student in the world, wishes everybody:

*Every joy on this auspicious occasion of Eid.*  And assures the world of its continuous struggle to help build a better world.

And !WOW!  -wishes to thank Prime Minister Mohammed Nawaz Sharif -Pakistan, for his personal involvement in helping cap the high cost of students fees at private schools in Islamabad.

We also hope,  -that all the other provinces of the first historic hosts of !WOW!, Pakistan, -will follow suit and not hide behind and seek procedural evasions. 

MISSING HOME :  At this very moment, a refugee  *child/student*     cries on an overcrowded bus transporting refugees and migrants to metro and train stations after they have disembarked from a government-chartered ferry-

Over 300,000 and growing,  - people have landed on Greek shores this year, in a refugee crisis that threatens to overwhelm Europe. The number of refugees will grow and soar as people seek take advantage of calm weather.

!WOW!  -shares the terrible plight of the refugees. And hopes for a dignified and humane and practical outcome of this crisis. This post and writing is dedicated to the  refugees,  student/refugees, the world over.

From the  BATTLEFRONT, this great man,  David Beckham, the professional footballer, and England's former captain, continues the honour of raising his voice alongwith every student on !WOW! :

MILLIONS OF CHILDREN/STUDENTS face physical, emotional and sexual abuse, The World Over :      

*IF THESE CHILDREN/STUDENTS are brave enough to tell their stories, then we all have to be brave enough to take the responsibility to help them.

Some young people have already taken this step.

Eighteen child/student survivors  of violence :
Have addressed a letter to world leaders calling on them to end violence once for all.

The letter comes at a time where the world is about to have a new set of  Sustainable Development Goals    -a set of goals that can shape the future for all of us for the next 15 years.

This is a moment to make sure that world leaders take note of the letter, and make sure that children/ students grow up in a world where they are not beaten, where they are not raped and where they are not neglected or traumatized by violence.

The individual stories from 18 young people/students are heartbreaking
.- Zina, 10 from Ukraine, is a survivor of war;
.- Moni,9 from Pakistan, a survivor of child trafficking
.- Ravid, 16, from Cambodia, a survivor of domestic abuse.

And they have all come forward to fight for a world free from violence.

I think everyone needs to understand what these children/students have been through, that they hear their stories and that we all do what we can.

This September, I will travel as UNICEF goodwill ambassador to the United Nations in New York and will stand alongside the Secretary General, to make sure that-

Global leaders understand how children are affected by violence and help put children/students at the heart of the new goals.

I want a world where children/students  grow up safe :  safe from war, violence and preventable diseases.

I hope others will join me to call on world leaders to put children/students, especially the most disadvantaged, at the heart of the new global goals and commit to ending violence against children/students.

For Saron and Tavey, for all children everywhere, let's end the threat of violence right now.

'So, Let's Atleast Live Today'.

With respectful dedication to the Parents, Students, Professors, and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Turning Tables '''

Good Night and God Bless

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