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IN PAKISTAN -  The Supreme Court, this Sept 8, ordered the government to ''immediately''  implement Urdu as Pakistan's official language, invoking Article 251 of the Constitution.

There is no denying that Urdu has become stigmatized in recent years, and increasingly ignored in private schools.

This would entail, for this nation,  complete and comprehensive infrastructure changes to adopt Urdu as the language of all official correspondence:

.- Train government servants to use Urdu word processing software.
.- Or switch to hand written communication.
.- Digitizing all the official documents since, would be some task!

With economy stretched to the outer limits, how then would funding hold? But the silver lining is that this would create over :
11,000  technology related jobs. And the students of Pakistan, should plan to rework their skills and apply. 

Students and Leaders, therefore need to learn to beware of their strengths: For Forcefulness can most easily become bullying; decisiveness can turn into pigheadedness; niceness can develop into indecision.  

As they rise in organisation, people often become comfortable practising the skills that have got them thus far, and fail to ask how useful these are when working at a higher level.

Thomas DeLong at Harvard Business School and his daughter Sara DeLong, a psychiatrist, dub this  ''the paradox of excellence'' in a 2011 article.

One result is that leaders end up micromanaging their subordinates  [particularly those doing the job that they used to do] and neglecting the big picture. It often makes bosses choose to do the wrong thing well rather than the right thing poorly.

One reason for the  2007-08  financial crisis was that heads of of the big investment banks and brokers had often made their reputations as traders, rewarded for taking big risks rather than managing for the long term.

Examples include Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers and Jimmy Cayne of  Bear Stearns.

The word that is often missing from leadership studies is  ''judgement''. Everybody involved in the business is desperate to appear scientific : academics because they want-

To get research grants and consultants because they want to prove that they are selling something more than just instinct.

But judgement is what matters most, and it is hard to measure. It takes judgement to resist getting carried away with one quality [such as decisiveness] or one measure of success [such as the share price].

It takes judgement to know when to modulate your virtues and when to pull out all the stops. Unfortunately judgement is in rather shorter supply than leadership versatility indices.

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