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SET UP A  ''PORTAL OF LIGHTS!''  You have lots of time. No rush, but get moving. Set up an IDE  -an Integrated Development Environment OR-

Better still, do it your way. Feel absolutely free. Sometimes next year, we must take the first view : *Dare To Turn Up The Heat*. 

All Day All Night Live Your Life on Designing The Portal. Here's Destiny and You. Find your shade.  Remember,   ''Perfection Only Happens When Everything Falls Into Place.''

I too,  -am, thinking of setting myself up as  *BORN IN TOR*   to attempt design Simply Perfect. Here's your  Tech Lottery  and Here's the opportunity of  Your Honours in the service of Mankind. 

*Remember the Heart Of Giving*   as Jonathan Ive and Newson would watch you all 'begin your own destiny and tradition'. Good Luck and Take Care. 

At Sotheby's New York one recent November, the world got a unique tutorial from two great masters of design. Collaborating for the first time:

Apple's Jonathan Ive and his chum, the equally acclaimed  Marc Newson. Between them, they had selected and made more than 40 objects for an auction to benefit Bono's Product [Red] anti-H.I.V. campaign.

''Craft is such an important part of what we do,'' Newson said. ''As designers it's incredibly important to understand how many good things have been designed, or have evolved, in ways that couldn't be improved.

These are bizarrely bespoke objects that  have a very specific purpose.''

Ive and Newson both visited the Steinway factory in Queens and came away in wonderment at how Steinway continues to manufacture Pianos largely by hand. ''We spent a lot of time trying to learn about pianos,'' Ive said. 

''We didn't want to arbitrarily apply red. But we thought [the red interior was a way to emphasize the different nature of the piano when the top is closed and when it is open. It goes from Furniture to making intense sound.''   

Bono has also known Ive for years. They met through Steve Jobs, whom Bono had approached back in 2004 when the iPod was knew, offering his band, U2, for an iPod commercial.

Part of the deal included a special edition iPod that Bono had requested, manufactured in black with red dial. [At the time iPods came only in white].

When the deal seemed like it might founder, Ive was dispatched in person to take the prototype  black-red iPod to Bono at his home in Dublin. The two men went drinking in a pub and sorted out the remaining issues in the deal.

''Jony makes some of his greatest decisions while having a drink,'' Bono disclosed in a phone conversation from France.

Two years later, Bono persuaded Jobs to authorize a red iPod to be sold to raise money for his product  {Red} campaign. Then, in 2008, after the extraordinary success of an art auction Damien Hirst organized for Product [Red]  -it raised $42.5 million-

Bono decided that the time had come to do a design auction , and that he should push both Ive and Newson to play the role of impresario that Hirst had performed for the art auction. By then Bono had come to know both men well.

He admired them, he told the author, not only for their talent and commitment but also for their unaffected manner. 

''They could just be two guys sitting at a bar,'' he said, ''and they look ordinary, and then you listen to them and you see that they're measuring glasses and talking about the circumference. I really enjoy them both.'' 

Agreeing to do the auction for Bono was one thing, pulling it together was another. ''Jony and I struggled for a while,'' Newson said, since, while they liked Bono and they liked the idea of working toether, at first they had absolutely no idea of what they wanted to do or how to go about it.

They knew that they didn't want to assemble a collection of classic  modern-design objects of the sort you would find in a museum. 

There had to be an element of surprise, some odd juxtapositions, and plenty of things that no one would have expected  two famous designers to choose.

And there had to be some likelihood that the vast majority of the objects would sell at high prices. Unlike art, Newson said,  ''design is not inherently valuable. 

How would we generate revenue?'' In the end, he said, we decided just to put together things we love.'' 

The Honour and Serving of this advance  ''Technology Operational Research'' on Design and Designs continues. Thank you for reading and sharing forward. And see Ya all on the following one.

With respectful and loving dedication to Students Mariam, Rabo, Dee, Hussain, Ali, Malala, Shazaib, Salar, Bilal, Reza, Hamza, Sannan, Zaeem, Hazeem, Saima, Paras, Sorat, Fahad, Qasim, Hannyia, Merium, Anne, Reza, Vishnu, Toby,Aqsa, Haider, Faizan, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Armeen, Ehsen,  Eman, Jordan, Laraib, Mohamed Ahmed, Akmal Shah, Sarah, Areesha, Ghazi, Nina, Tooba, Fatimah, Asim, Hufera, and 

Billion by Billion of students the world over. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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Good Night and God Bless!

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