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THE DARING ARE NEVER DONE, goes the honour, and... goes the saying. Something that I can vouch for, many times over:

Students-Engineers : Mariam [Islamic University]  Rabo, Haleema, Sarah {NUST}, Vishnu/India; and fine arts heroes, Dee, Paras, Sorat, Aqsa,   Salar Khan Yusufzai/US, Ahsen, Armeen [LUMS]- Fahad Khan Tarakai [Bahria]-

And would be Technology Scientists Shazaib Khan Yusufzai/US, Bilal Malik/US, Reza/Canada, Mustafa [LUMS], Hussain [NUST], Haider, Faizan [FAST], Saqib [GIK], Rehman [NED], Toby [China].

And all the students of the world : Should think Modern and attempt : ''The Ecosystem of the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless''. Put up the paper sketches and  drawings on the Net, for the world to view, see, comment and even guide.

Remember, as Jonathan Ive and Newson would tell you  : That critically germane to any great work on design is to get the philosophy right. Go Get the philosophy right!

So SHINE ON and create the  ''Jewel Of Light''. The world will hold you to the highest standards. You are now  Code Soldiers.

With Pakistan as the  ''First Historic Host'' I am duty bound to make sure that I inform the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif and the great O''Captain Imran Khan that the work has begun to move to higher levels.
The partnership Jobs and Ive developed turned out to be one of the most remarkable,  not to say prolific, relationships in the history of product design.
Jobs wanted Apple's products not to work like anyone else's, and he and Ive agreed on almost everything including the far-fethched notion that it ought to be possible: 

To create a product for the mass market that is as elegant and as beautifully made as a perfectly wrought, one-of-a-kind object.

The most important thing is that you actually care, that you do something that to very best of your ability,'' Ive says. ''We can't explain it in a fiscal sense, but the care goes into the  iPhone  is equivalent to:

What goes into watches and other things that are significantly more expensive. I love the idea that the phone will be more broadly accessible.''

What excites Ive most about the iPhone, in other words, isn't just its elegance as an object; its the fact that he and Jobs managed to manufacture an object designed to his demanding specifications that could still be affordable by the mass market.

The democratization of high modern design was a dream that began with the early modernists in Europe nearly a century ago, and for a long time it was mostly an illusion.

The Bauhaus designers in Germany in the  1920s, for example, espoused theories about modern design as a popular movement, but they produced mainly expensive, handcrafted objects. The rare Banhaus designs that have become common, like-

Marcel Breuer's Cesca dining chairs of cane and tubular steel, are generally compromised versions, done without compromise.  

Ive, who was knighted only two years ago, is one of the first designers to have actually achieved the  Bauhaus dream of bringing  high-end  modern design to almost every level of society.

[As if to uderscore the point, Ive, says the research author, carried the same white iPhone 5 that the author had; his clearly did not have any kind of special battery -and during the meeting at Claridge's he scrounged around looking for an outlet for his charger.] 

Newson hasn't had quite the same impact as Ive  -no designer in our time has-  but the breadth of his work and his determination to see design as a part of culture not just as the making of eye-catching shapes have given him a reputation nearly as large.

And Ive has never designed a concept car, as Newson did for Ford, or the interior of an airplane, as Newson did for  Qantas's  new A380 superjumbo jets. You can ride in the Newson-designed jet interior, but the playful Newson-model Ford would have had revolving seats:

A dashboard that rose rose and lowered, and trunk that slid out like a drawer, never beyond the the concept stage. It was named the  021C  after the Pantone number for the orange tone that is one of the designer's favourite colours. 

He was especially sorry that Ford didn't ask him to turn the design into something that could have been brought to the market, since cars a particular passion of his. He owns among others, a 1950s Ferrari, a !959 Aston Martin that he has described as a ''weird celadon green''  and a yellow 1969 Lamborghini.

Newson possesses another distinction that Ive does not, which is that one of his pieces of furniture, a voluptuous, aluminum clad chaise he calls the Lockheed Lounge  -made in 1986 in an edition of 10  -sold at auction in 2009 for $1.6 million, the record for a piece of furniture by a living designer.

Newson's career trajectory has given him a kind of freedom that Ive, for all the staggering impact of his work, cannot have at Apple, where most of the responsibility for maintaining the company's-

Design Culture has fallen on his shoulders in the post-Jobs era. Whther Ive chooses to stay at Apple for the rest of his career or to move on, he will inevitably end-up with much of the credit

Or much of the blame-  for whatever happens to Apple over the next few years.

The Honour and Serving of the advance  ''Technology Operational Research'' continues. Thank you for reading and I hope sharing forward. And see you on the following one:

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' The Lure Of Serving '''

Good Night and God Bless!

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