FROM PAKISTAN -the highest civil award of Hilal-e-Pakistan, which  just stands in line of many, many other great ones. Those are:

[The French Legion of Honour, state award of the Serbian Republic, the Sreten Order,  ''Ruby Cross''   Order of International Charity Foundation of Russia, prize of WHO, Golden Heart International Award-

Grand Commanders Cross of the Order Merit of Poland,  UNESCO's Mozart Gold Medal, Canadian World Golden Rose Award. Honorary Diploma of the State of Kuwait, and many, many others.]

In 2005, after a devastating earthquake in Pakistan, the First Lady financed and got constructed a Girls school, provided the operating expenses, and scholarships for the deserving students. The school stands honoured by carrying her name.

And since, 2012,  Aliyeva initiated series of healthcare, education, development and many humanitarian projects in all the four provinces of Pakistan. 

Within the action plan, she financed hepatitus B vaccination. Donated fully equipped ambulance, and thousands of blood collection bags, which are used for blood transfusion  -[to the beneficiaries on both sides of the Durand Line].

In Pakistan's KPK province, she helped construct a full ward at the eye hospital, A Water Supply Scheme, donated hundreds of livestock, meat and every assistance to recognised orphanages in all the provinces.

The Nation of Pakistan and the World Students Society is profoundly grateful to the First Lady for caring, sharing and for her splendid philanthropic work for the needy, the poor and the overwhelmed. 

In 2004, the First Lady of Azerbaijan, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO  Mehriban Aliyeva  led the foundation, which was named in commemoration of the National Leaders of Azerbaijanis.

The main goal of this foundation is the country's social, economic and cultural development. The problems of the children were always one of the main objectives of Mehriban Aliyeva's activities.

Construction of new schools, hospitals, clinics, musical lyceums, Thalassemia Centre, launching projects of insulin and blood donation, campaign on breastfeeding-

Summer camp for integration of disabled children into society are part of the charitable work in this domain.The regular moral, medical and financial support to destitute elderly is also given.

Another priority feature of the Foundation is culture. That was why the Foundation initiated the days of Azerbaijani classic Music Mugham Niagara as well as established Mugham Centre in Baku. 

Sponsoring of performances of Antonio Vivaldi, George Gershwin music and publication of books of culture of Azerbaijan, the annual Gabala Music festival, which is attended by prominent musicians from all around the globe also goes to the credit of Aliyev Foundation.

The Azerbaijan -First Lady organized several international events on dialogues between different faiths, driving for understanding and peaceful coexistence:
A number of mosques, Catholic and the orthodox churches were reconstructed by foundation as part of the:

***Azerbaijan  -Home of Tolerance*** project of the organization. Economic attention is paid by Foundation to the development of sports. 

Due to growing prestige of Aliyeva, who is also the a President of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the capital city of Baku hosted the World Cup competitions 2003 and 2004 and the World Championship 2005.

Mehriban Aliyeva  was awarded the title of  ''Symbol of Humanity, -Women of 2012''  by Women Volunteers Organization'' and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Excellence Award in 2013. 

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''' Serving Humanity '''

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