Headline Aug 30, 2015 / ''' JOBS GO DIZZY : THE WORLD OVER '''



IN PAKISTAN, EVERYDAY -every single day, I run into and meet students desperate for openings, breakthroughs and jobs and employability.

There is no job market, -but I will do everything in my power to get them through to, at least,  the consideration stage. And in this line and context, I have the honour to request:

''The Pakistani Corporate World''  to take heart, just as I request the corporate operations in the Developing World to stop, ponder and revisit their hiring policies and help the students.

*THE DEVELOPING WORLD STUDENTS*  -had better wakeup to their future and the realities of the struggle for a  dignified life. Join up post haste  -!WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless. 

IN NEW DELHI :  75,000 APPLIED for 30 government peon jobs in India.
Overwhelmed Indian officials have cancelled plans to fill a handful of menial government jobs after being flooded with over 75,000 applicants  -some from university graduates.

The Chahattigarh state government's directorate of economics and statistics was left stunned after the wave of applications for 30  ''peon''  or servant jobs whose duties include fetching tea for for 14,000 rupees {$220}  a month in wages.

Directorate head  Amitabh Panda said he has cancelled an exam planned for candidates after receiving 70,000 online applications and 5,000 in person, including from qualified engineers and management graduates.

Over 37% of the above mentioned applicants were students................  

''This is surreal,'' Panda told on Tuesday, saying the entire process was being examined.  We had made arrangement for for  2,000 to 3,000 aspirants.''

India's vast bureaucracies, a legacy of the British colonial rule, are seen as an extremely secure place of employment compared with the private sector.

Government jobs, even the lowest are highly sought after, with regular reports of candidates paying thousands of rupees in bribes to clinch one.

Why the hysteria and why the Job Market is not going to rally anytime soon?!

For China, the latest trouble started Aug 11, when Beijing unexpectedly devalued China's currency, the yuan. Authorities explained that they wanted to catch up with investor sentiment, which suggested that yuan was overvalued from having been linked with US dollar.

Slowing industrial output and construction in China means less demand for Chilean copper, Australian coal, and Brazilian iron ore.

It also squeezes Taiwan and South Korea, which make components Chinese markets and factories use to assemble electronics, cars and other products. Also suffering is Japan which sends about a fifth of its exports to China.   

The possibility of a worse-than expected Chinese downturn has also raised worries in Europe, now in fragile recovery. The impact will depend on just how bad the slowdown turns out to be.

A severe downturn   -to, say  3pc annual growth  -could cost Europe 1 to 3 percentage points is lost economic output cumulatively over 5 years.

Germany would likely absorb the most pain. In the past decade, German makers of industrial machinery and autos have boosted profits thanks to China's strong growth.

In 2013, China overtook the United States as the largest maker of luxury carmakers  BMW AG; BMW has been cautioning that China's market is enduring a  ''normalisation''  and that lower growth is expected.

Andreas Rees, chief German economist at UniCredit Research, notes that China accounts for just  6.5%  of German exports. ''Overall, I think all the frenzy about China is exaggerated,'' he says.

Sceptics worried that the devaluation was instead a desperate move to bail out China's struggling exporters. A weaker Yuan gives Chinese goods a price edge in foreign markets.

Oxford Economics calculates that a  10%  drop in the yuan this year would reduce South Korea's growth in 2016 by 1.16pc and Indonesia's 0,32pc

Yet some analysts say economic calculations might not be enough to measure the risks from a down turn in China's economy . The political and social fallout could exert their own damage.

Greece accounts for just 2% of eurozone's economy. Yet a budget crisis has raised terrible fears that the country may still have to abandon the euro, possibly leading to a breakup of the eurozone.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of India and Pakistan and  the World. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Students Rally '''

Good Night and God Bless!

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