Headline Aug 28, 2015 / ''' PSYCHOPATHS - [ SALTED-PEANUTS] '''



THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS -from all over the world , both girls and boys and parents, -questioned me on the 

Psychopathic hell of Hussain Khanwala, a village in district Kasur, Pakistan.

''Can, Pakistani fix it?''   'No, they won't and we can't!' 

For the state of Pakistan, amnesia is the best solution, always. For with that you can turn the tide of events to whatever direction suits you. 

The faceless politicians, the equally faceless elite, and the middle-class will forget the Kasur incident as the inevitable destiny of the poor, and the wretched of Pakistan.

Twitter will now and soon get to be  the abusing hub for another incident that rubs either side the wrong way. 

Soon there will be the demand for another judicial commission to probe another incident-, writes one author, and  without making any difference in the lives of the lesser gods. 

Student Tariq M, was sodomised for eight and half long years by these psychopaths. And his parents, as they narrate to me in person-

Just didn't know how to react and where to report and even how to rescue their children from these wretched, highly commercialized paedophiles. 

The Pakistani police, adorned in uniform, sitting in their sparsely furnished police stations, and having at their disposal enough mechanism and authority to arrest these psychopaths, chose to look the other way.  

But for now, and with a heavy heart, I move on the ''research post''  at hand:

Compounding the issue is the fact that checking MRIs for the neural structures of psychopathy doesn't work for kids-

In part because researchers don't know exactly which structures they are searching for.

Right now, the only thing to do is to look for behavioural abnormalities:
such as lack of empathy and deceitfulness, and that's not simple.

The behaviour of kids with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, known as  ADHD  might be similarly antisocial  or lacking in empathy, but their neurological structures are totally different than those of kids with callous unemotional traits.

To isolate exactly what's going on with a child, a clinician will look at behavioural assessments from a child's parents and teachers, and administer oral and written tests to identify any characteristics associated with psychopathy.

The few of these well established psychopathy tests are designed for children, so psychologists mostly use these as screening tools, a quick way to weed out children who may have other disorders and treat them appropriately.

There's no standard assessment , and there's still no test to help researchers understand how severe a  disorder maybe.

This uncertainty is what beguiles researchers. 

It's nearly impossible to refine a treatment for an illness that lacks clear definition. but there is, at least, movement in the right direction.

After treatment with Hawes, Steven's behaviour improved considerably. He was less aggressive towards his peers; his mother said he seemed to be  ''maturing,'' and noted that he sometimes even displayed caring behaviours towards his sibling.

Recently, Stevens's mother told Hawes she saw Steven comforting his younger brother, who was crying after falling off a scooter:

''She was really very shocked to see that kind of behaviour,'' says Hawes, ''She thought it was something she would never see from him.'' 

Back at the first temporary hosts, Pakistan,  UNICEF  and the International Labour Organization [ILO}  estimate that:

10 million to 12 million children /students work as labourers and some of them are slaves! 

I leave this and the future premise in the thinking and hands of the Students Of Pakistan.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and teachers of Pakistan. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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Good Night and God Bless!

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