Headline Aug 27, 2015 / ''' PARENTS CAN MAKE OR BREAK : A PSYCHOPATH '''


''THESE WRETCHED, MISBEGOTTEN, -CRIMINALS, Psychopaths of the first order  -preying on, and commercializing evil of-

Small, angelic, vulnerable children/students from Kasur, Pakistan, are under my direct purview. I thank all those great students from Lahore, Pakistan, who are keeping me fully informed on daily basis. 

Should I find anything fishy, and hushy, hushy, there will be No Easy Days. Time I call on Pakistan's great Chief Justice and the Minister of Interior  Nisar Ali Khan.    
THE CHILDREN OF PAKISTAN are the worst victims of the state's insensitivity towards human rights. The Kasur incidence takes every precedence by a mile. Just for its growing and growing in sheer master scale.''

THE GOOD NEWS is that young brains are highly plastic, so even if a child has a particular neurological structure, he may not have it as adult.

In, fact several studies indicate that not all children who have callous-unemotional traits become adult psychopaths, especially if they are exposed to right treatment at a young enough age.

David Howes, a professor of psychology at the  University of Australia, recently tumbled upon one such treatment when he asked callous-unemotional study participants to play a computer game-

In which they were taught to recognize emotions in digital human faces   -a therapy that had worked for children with autism. The parents were also given a few homework activities and asked to play the game with their child.

In many cases, behavioural problems became much less frequent or severe. But the improvement wasn't because of the computer game   -the kids didn't get any better at recognizing emotions.

What happened, Hawes hypothesizes, is that because the treatment got parents and children working together, it changed the way they interacted, giving them a mutual understanding that didn't involve punishments-

Or yelling, or resentment on either side. In short, it allowed them to bond.

Parents, it turns out, make or break a psychopath. Often, they would punish children behaving violently or callously, ignorant to the fact that their child's brain may be hardwired not to understand the punishment.

This breeds resentment, making the relationship colder and inspiring a child to act out in more extreme ways, according to Salekin, a psychology professor at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Most of the therapies that have produced the best results for callous-unemotional children focus on training parents, says Hawes, though he's quick to point out that many of the sample-sizes for these studies have been small.

these therapies also seem to be more effective when administered earlier in a child's development. So psychopathy researchers are now pushing for interventions with children of increasingly early ages-

Sometimes as young as 2.

The problem, though, is that it's hard to identify at-risk children at such a young age. Some children start shoeing signs of psychopathy as early as 15 months. But usually kids don't get recommended for treatment until they start to behave-

Or socialize in ways that trouble parents or teachers. That, of course, requires someone to notice  -and callous-unemotional traits are often found in children who were severely neglected or abused by their parents.

''Callousness and unemotional traits are could be adaptive for some children,'' Salekin says.

In other words, the very thing that causes the behaviours could also obscure them from the professionals that could help; some children will grow up with the disorder unaddressed-

Until they are finally recommended to a psychologist after contact with the law, often in their preteen or teen years.

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