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VIOLENT ADULT PSYCHOPATHS,   -the ones who kill without remorse are both born and made. A person might have had a genetic predisposition for those behaviours-

But childhood traumas and a lack of connection to other people bring them out. Which is why, over the past few years, psychologists have been working to develop interventions for children/students with early signs of psychopathy.

IN MANY WAYS, Students Atif Muneer, and  Steven were a typical 7 year olds. They went to school, attended birthday parties and played sports with their class mates and younger brothers.

Student Steven [not his real name] wasn't perfect   -he consistently defied his parents and teacher, turning arguments over trifles and battle that would last hours, and he frequently behaved aggressively toward his younger brother.

It was difficult for the adults in Steven's life to manage him, but nothing triggered concerns about his psychological state.

Then Steven's behaviour became more alarming. At a cousin's birthday party, he broke some of the birthday boy's toys and showed no remorse. His parents hypothesized that he acted out because another child was the center of attention.

Steven had always been spiteful towards other children, they said. His teacher observed similar behaviour at school; sometimes he would blame other children for his poor performance at games or sports, then would seek revenge when not under a supervisor's watchful eye.

Student Steven's behaviours were  ''predatory,''  his teacher said. Eventually, he was referred to a psychologist who determined that the behaviour stemmed from callous unemotional tendencies.

These traits  manifest themselves  in different ways in different children, but callous unemotional kids show little empathy for others or remorse for their own actions, and they are prone to violence.

The traits are also part of of a suite of characteristics together called psychopathy. 

I REPEAT, YET AGAIN, that violent adult psychopaths, the ones who kill without remorse, are both, born and made. A person might have had a genetic predisposition for these behaviours-

But childhood traumas a lack of connections to other people bring them out. Which is why, over the past few years, psychologists have been working to develop interventions for children with early signs of psychopathy.
The treatment focus on connecting these kids with their peers and parents because those bonds can make a difference between an adult who is a violent offender or simply colder than the average person.

In Hollywood, psychopaths are violent, aggressive killers, whose hallucinations are accompanied by maniacal cackling. But in real life, psychopathy is a much more  nuanced behavioural disorder.

A person who has a psychopathic disorder and antisocial personality disorder, a related illness that is considered by some health professionals to be either the same thing as or a subset of psychopathy-

Tends to b unemotional, manipulative, lacking empathy, overly-willing to take risks and or incapable of understanding punishment. None of these traits alone defines a psychopath.

And not all psychopaths become violent criminal offenders.

Some very successful members of society would likely be deemed psychopathic if assessed by a clinician.

Researchers fight hard to combat the stigma surrounding the word  psychopath. In part, this means figuring out the neurological structures underpinning the behaviours that make adult psychopaths different.

University of Montreal, has conducted several experiments using  MRIs on the brain of adult psychopaths and found that they are, in fact, hardwired differently  -even if they're not violent. Hodgins found:

That these people all have abnormal connections between two-deep parts of the brain, the posterior cingulate and the insular cortex, which usually help people understand punishment.

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