Headline Aug 16, 2015/ ''' !WHAT JOBS? : GO EAT PURE SOFTWARE '''

''' !WHAT JOBS? : 


MADAM CURIE HAD NO gas, no electric light, and, what was a thousand times worse, her room had no heat.

She could afford to buy only two sacks of coal throughout the entire winter. And to save her little treasure of coal, she often did not light the stove on winter nights.

Working her Mathematical problems with fingers that were numb and shoulders that were shaking. 

Then before she went to bed, the future Madame Curie would open her trunk and take her towels, pillow cases- a sheet, her extra dress, and pile all things on top of her bed in order to keep warm. 

But still she shivered. Occasionally she reached for her chair and pulled it on top of her bed, hoping desperately that somehow even a chair would add a bit of warmth to her shaking body.

Not only did she have little food to cook, but she felt it was stealing precious time away from her studies to cook even the little she had.

Madam Curie, Nobel honour, discovered Radium, -that went on to cure hundreds and thousands of terribly, terribly, terribly suffering cancer patients,  and add years of life to others  

It is against this accomplishment,  honour and sacrifice and example that the developing world students,........... BILLIONS OF THEM....and:

Mariam, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Saima, Aqsa, Talat, Sarah, Paras, Sorat, Hussain, Ali, Ehsan, Hamza, Haider, Eman, Faizan, Mustafa, Ibrahim, Hazeem, Zaeem, Sannan, Umer, Qasim, Hufera,........will be measured by all the students of the world.

AS MEALS GO DIGITAL, companies like Whisk and Machinery will learn a great deal about ingredients, recipes and their customers' tastes.

That will change the way we buy and eat food, much as Pandora and Spotify are changing the way we try and buy music.

Technologists are also working on the mechanics of cooking.

A couple of former  Apple  developers have created an oven called June, which is supposed to recognize the food placed in it and cook it perfectly.

The company says June is a   ''computer-based oven that thinks like a chef." It's also a step toward to a kitchen that can cook by itself.   

Add up the various inventions that are in the works, and the robot cook starts looking like more than just a labor-saving daydream of a friend with 10 kids.

Throw IBM's Chef Watson into the mix too. As a way to show off the Watson company's capabilities.

IBM fed it truckloads of recipes from around the world, along with data about ingredients and how their chemicals react to one another. The machine developed recipes no one had ever created-

Sometimes for good reason, unless a beef burrito with chocolate and edamame sounds good to you. The computer has its own cookbook,  Cognitive Cooking  With Chef Watson.

The bottom line : A machine can now think up recipes.   

We're clearly on a path toward some kind of machine that will know just about everything there is to know about food combinations-

And it will be able to assemble intimate knowledge of the tastes of the people who it will serve.

Robotics are getting so good, so quickly, there's no reason to think robot cooks won't make their mark in  high-volume  food preparations and, later, homes.

Swizzle together a robot chief plus food data and artificial intelligence, and you have a home cook that can be as good as any celebrity chef.

Then we might wonder about the nature of the kitchen. Maybe the best way to automate cooking will be to build a kitchen suited to robots instead of humans  -like a  self-enclosed self-cleaning unit of  stoves and arms-

And blenders that sits in the basement and sends finished plates up through a dumbwaiter..........

[Or in 2025, it probably will be  smart-waiter].

People who really want to cook will be like people who really want to do their own woodworking. Instead of a human scale kitchen as a default room in any house, it will be something you to choose to install, like a wood shop.

Puts a whole new spin on the techie  catchphrase:
''Software is eating the world.''........

Guess we'll end up kind of eating software, if the students don't put in hard dedicated work.

With respectful dedication to all the  ''Leaders Of The Developing World''. Students, Professors and Teachers of the  ''Developing World.''  See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Digitized Truth In Cooking '''

Good Night and God bless

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