MILLIONS BY MILLIONS  - the people left home and hearth. in the world's greatest trans-border migration in history, braving the perilous journey-

The people moved to the newly born State of Pakistan. And Now, at the moment, there will be many for whom the day will signify celebration, but without a single thought of-

How much blood was offered on the altar of freedom. And there will also be a group to whom independence meant becoming a millionaire overnight. Ruling elite will watch talk shows on : Rampant financial corruption and Pakistan's biggest child abuse scandal on TV.

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***How Pakistan ultimately fares in the world, and in the near future, will all depend on the Students of Pakistan, and the support of International Students***.   

THE GREAT TRAGEDY OF LIFE IS that poverty and  and regressing optimism, in any underprivileged world, makes you totally vulnerable and at great risk against a lot of things.

All the time you are looking into terrible, terrible evil. Every black sheep seems to be wearing Lion's  clothes.

THERE IS severe shortage of paediatrics psychiatrists in the country. Specialists in adult psychiatry cannot cover all dimensions needed to handle minors.

The government of Pakistan should promote specialization in child psychiatry and immediately establish dedicated rehabilitation centres for counselling of victims and their families,'' says Professor Saad Bashir a leading expert in the country.   

''LACK OF ATTENTION on the parts of parents and unwise use of technology by children are doing no good. Just courting misery and destruction.

Children make and strike friendships on Facebook and meet secretly. Parents are not their to guide their children,' said a leading child Psychiatric here.

''We have lost values and ethics, owing to which we are facing such shameful incidents,'' states a former respected law minister. 

There is no dedicated rehabilitation centre for sexually abused children, causing victims and their families to go through a psychological trauma for years, even for ever?

In certain cases, the victims carry baggage of past memories that affect not only their matrimonial life but also the future of their children.

The Kasur incident has put serious question mark on the sincerity of the rulers regarding protection of children/students from sexual abuse and the measures to remove scars from memories of victims so that they could lead a normal life and become useful citizens of the society.

What to say of a dedicated centre in the province when a psychiatrist having specialization in adult psychology is running  Peads Psychiatric Department at Children's Hospital Lahore for years.

Many specialists including the learned Professor Saad Bashir went on to observe and suggest:

''Parents should improve coordination and make friendship with their children. It will help them get timely information of activities of their children. Civil societies organizations have an important role to play in raising awareness_

About reasons and measure to save children from sexual abuse.

Khateebs and people in rural and far-flung areas should be given proper training on the pattern of clergies in developed countries so that they can play their due role in bringing people on the right track.''

A local NGO  Sahil has been working for the last 20 years on child protection especially against child sexual abuse.

Its priority areas are awareness rising for prevention of child abuse. This includes capacity building of primary and secondary schools, teachers, organizations, community members, parents, police and lawyers.

In 2011, Sahil has started to reach out  to communities to build their capacity on child protection, and establish child protection networks at the village level.

These child protection networks are linked up with the local and district administration, INGO's, NGO's private sector and other stakeholders to enable them to refer cases to the required service. 

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