Headline Aug 13, 2015/ ''' WHENCE ANGELS SCREAM '''


WHY WAS THERE NOBODY to stop these utter criminals and vile lower forms of life, from conducting such business?

Almost every Pakistani is holding the police and the authorities responsible, and the main culprit in the whole matter, which in most cases tried to hush up the matter and-

Where they were compelled to register a case they lodge the case deliberately leaving lacunae in it, so that when it comes to the court of law for trial the culprits could  easily get off the hook due to loop holes, said a Supreme Court Lawyer Asmatullah Khan, an expert in Human Rights. 

INNOCENT ANGELIC CHILDREN/STUDENTS are terribly vulnerable to sexual violence because they lack awareness and power to resist-

And any kind of such assaults leave lifelong impact on them, maintained Shabana Arif from  Child  Rights Movement, a coalition of NGOs.

''Such experiences leave life-long scars on the memory of the children/students and they go through mental trauma, said Shabana Arif, even in many cases children commit suicide after such assaults.''

''During all this we should not forget that they should be provided psychological counselling to deal with suicidal behaviour, depression, low-self-esteem, and problems to get back to normal life.'' 

AT !WOW!  which belongs to every single student in the world  -with Pakistan as the first temporary host, the last few days, ever since this Kasur-evil broke-

We just don't know how, to even start to fathom, this wringer tragedy that encompasses students and Pakistan.

How should:
Students Mariam, Rabo, Dee,  Malala [Nobel Prize],  Saima, Paras, Sorat, Haleema, Eman, Hussain, Ali, Haider, Ehsan, Omer Khan, Qasim Khan, Armeen, Hamza, Sanan, Aqsa, Shazaib Khan, Salar Khan, Bilal Malik, Reza, Toby/China, Vishnu/India, Ebrahim, Mustafa, Faizan, react:

If not with flashes of rage and remorse, than with what the hell what? But I most humbly, on behalf of !WOW!  thank from my soul, thousands by thousands of students, the world over, who thought of us in this moment of shame and agony.

These children had to replace their childhood, one that was supposed to be  a memory of holding hands while walking towards school, playing cricket and listening to their parents telling them stories-

Of a brighter future, or their 'honour' was somehow given back to them, if these criminals remained quiet. In Pakistan children grow fast.

There are things that are naively thought to not exist in Pakistan. Crimes like these only happen on Western ''God Forsaken'' soil. With silence emulating from the local authorities, police, and the political leadership of the area, then the question is why are we not more distraught by this shame.

A recent report on the subject of  ''child abuse'' by a Supreme Court Of Pakistan lawyer, will have parents reconsider the thought of raising their children on Pakistan soil:

In 2014:
.-  Around 767 children across Pakistan were raped and murdered.
.-  368 children committed suicide.
.-  201 were killed as part of honour killings.
.-  189 became victims of human trafficking.
.-  456 were kidnapped.
.-  269 went missing.

With these statistics being the small portion that has been actually recorded, it is safe to say that all  provinces  have failed to protect children/students.

We call them the most vulnerable citizens of the country, but do nothing, never ever attempt anything to make sure that they are never taken advantage of.

IN MANY VIDEOS, the children/students appear to be groggy, for sure drugged. In one video, the little child sobs, and begs for the abuser not to film the scene.

Almost unconscious, another one cries, ,'' Bus bhai.'' Holding up his hands  to hide from the camera.

The Children Rights Movement of Pakistan observed, that in this prevailing legal environment and insignificant progress on enacting legislation and its implementation around child/student rights in the country has left our children-

At the mercy of blackmailers, con artists, criminals, mafias, predators, sick lower form of life, all around the country.

The state of Pakistan must own its children as equal citizens and must ensure exemplary legal proceedings so that the culprits of such basic human rights violations are brought to speedy justice.

Such culprits deserve punishment to the fullest extent of law.  

State of Pakistan must own its children as equal citizens and must ensure exemplary legal proceedings so that the culprits of such basic human rights violation are brought to ruthless justice.

It is direly needed that federal government should immediately pass the Criminal Law Amendment Bill to further suggest strict punishment:

For these crimes like sexual abuse, child/student pornography and internal trafficking of children/students for prostitution.    

With respectful dedication to the Brave and Upright Students of Pakistan. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Students Voice '''

Good Night and God bless

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