Headline Aug 12, 2015/ ''' THE ROAR OF UTTER SHAME '''


MOST OF THE VICTIMS/STUDENTS  are under 14 but include a six year old boy who was forced to perform a homosexual act and-

A 10 year old student/schoolgirl who was filmed being molested by a 14 year old boy.

"IF WE cannot protect our children and instead police protect perpetrators/ predators of abuse, then we are becoming an inhumane and depraved society," said the tweet......

Shocked at the news about  280  children in Kasur, Pakistan,  -most less than 14 years old,  sexually abused, filmed and their families blackmailed for money," added the head of a political party, PTI, O'' Captain Imran Khan.

The Nation of Pakistan, the whole world, the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless is hung up in shame and the republic itself is driven to its knees.

IN historical perspective, in 1999, one predator Javed Iqbal. a serial killer had molested and killed some   "100 youth/Students."   And then came the net cafĂ© sex video leaks in Rawalpindi and other cities in 2004, that-

Stunned and shook,  -the whole Pakistani nation. But tragically and even expectedly, these mega sufferings/scandals went into oblivion with the passage of time with zero remedial measures taken by the authorities concerned.

More families are coming up to speak out about the ordeal in the country's biggest child abuse scandal.

At least 14 more victims this last Saturday filed applications with police against the miserable, lower form of life abusers, in the  of hope of getting justice from the administrative and judicial system that failed them for 10 long years.

Some others however demanded trial at  military courts, as no more arrests were made in the village where two powerful beasts ran a gang of around 25 youth to record around 400 videos of girls and boys being forced to have sex.

"We don't trust the police. We demand Chief of the Staff General Raheel Shareef to help us get justice." demanded a mother of 12-year old girl, who was abused and filmed by the gang in Hussain Khanwala village of Kasur district.

Almost all TV channels kept focusing on this issue all the day, for the past many days, and a national feeling of shame, humiliation and outrage has soaked the nation.

Interestingly, no judge of any court took any suo motu notice of the issue, showing that the days of judicial activism are over for good in the ''larger national interest'' and for the sake of country's  ''highly valued democratic set-up,'' wrote one writer, Ashraf Javed, from Lahore.
The tragedy is that the government has some fine pieces of laws and acts against child abuse and if implemented in true letter and spirit the ever growing crimes against children in all its forms and manifestations-

If not fully eliminated could be reduced to a great extent, says senior lawyers and people working against the growing child abuse in the country

The authorities should not forget that !WOW!  -the World Students Society is watching the developments on regular basis.

Pakistan is a signatory to all the conventions on protection of children/students rights, and against all sort of exploitations against them.

!WOW!  -the World Students Society appeals to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian M Nawaz Sharif to ensure and stress the need for sensitising police and other law enforcement agencies on such tragic issues-

As without seriousness on their part things would not change for the better and one after another such scandals would continue to surface. 

Angelic children/students are seen crying in abusive videos. The videos appear to be made for a clientele, with promos with rap songs interspersed with lewd Punjabi lyrics. The children in a video are displayed in an edited clip at the beginning with a musical montage.

PAKISTAN  -with more than 44%  of its total population under the age of 19 years old, and a culture of abuse rampant, attempts to curb vulnerabilities should become the primary worry  of the country.

This is not the first time such horrors have been exposed, but the scale is shocking.

We have always been called a dangerous country?

'''Pakistani Parents & Society'''  must wake up!?  They must step forward to change their ways and politics. For in every likelihood, there maybe predators and perpetrators living in your neighbourhood-

Observing your child when he or she goes to school in the morning, -when he or she is leaving the house to play with the devil.

With most respectful dedication to the  -''Land of the Pure, Pakistan's - brave and resolute print and electronic media.''  See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' The Angels We Failed '''

Good Night and God bless

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