Headline Aug 06, 2015/ ''' CRIMES AGAINST STUDENTS '''


STOP AND HEAR what one wretched predator gouges from his soul:

''I have five victims  -two minors and three adult females. I'd walk up from behind, grab their breasts and then flee the scene.'' That's what Jesse says when Book asks about his crimes. 

Later, we can't help but wonder whether he committed any others, because, as Book says, ''you don't end up to civil commitment just for groping a few women and children/students.''

Jesse, who is in treatment and close to being considered for release, believes in the civil commitment process. The FPCC's four-phase treatment program aims to help predators learn control.

That means increasing their empathy for other people, helping them understand the factors that led them down the path of abuse, and teaching them to recognize their triggers like drinking or feeling lonely.

''It's changed my life and my future,'' Jesse says. And he has a lot to work for: a 31 year-old daughter in Pannsylvania and a grandson, who's 5. He talks to them every day, he says, and dreams of getting better, getting out and living with them.

''Success is having a support group, and they have to be fully aware of your past,'' he says. ''They need  to know your triggers, fantasies and dislikes.''  

''It's a hard idea to keep in the forefront of your thinking,'' says David Finkelhor, who directs the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire and has been researching child victimization and family violence for nearly 40 years.

''You can't be interacting with your neighbours and then thinking all the time about whether they're molesting your kids.''

The good news is that, for more than two decades, the rate of child sexual abuse has been declining at least in the U.S. But growing many, many folds in the developing world. 

Between 1992 and 2013, the number of cases fell 64%, according to a study headed by Finkelhor. Costly criminal justice initiatives  -like sex offender registeries, community notification and civil commitment  -are often credited for this dramatic change, but Finkelhor argues that  ''these came online after the decline had already started.''

Still those big-ticket criminal justice efforts tend to get all the money and attract all the headlines. Yet those initiatives, Finkelhor says,  ''mostly pertain to people already identified and arrested  -and only about 10% of new cases of abuse involve someone who has a prior record.

Even if you lock up everybody who had been convicted of an offense, you'd only be taking care of  10 percent of the problem. We need more prevention and more treatment in this area, but that costs money and legislators don't want to do that.''

Sex offenders registries, for example, demand huge fiscal and human resources, yet   ''the abundance of research appears to say that aren't really successful.'' says Leven, who has met more than  2,000 sex offenders in her 25 years as a licensed clinical social worker.

''However, they are successful in making people feel safer.'' By comparison, sex offender management and prevention programs receive less funding.

''Wouldn't it be better to stop child abuse before it starts? Everyone says yes, and then I hear we don't have the money for that,'' says Elizabeth Leotourneau, director of the Moore center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

 ''We have money to spend on [prosecuting and punishing sexual offenders, but no money to prevent these things from occurring in the first place.

A tall, beefy young man with a black bandana over his head wrote one word on his T-shirt : ''Kriss.'' with a heart over the ''i.'' That's his girlfriend, and they're walking hand in hand:

''I was molested as a child, and I was also raped twice, so I walk for that,'' says Kriss,26, who has short blond hair with streaks of pink. 

''In my family, they don't understand so they blame me. It's OK to open up. It's gonna suck, but that's the first step admitting what happened. It took me almost 10 years.''

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