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CHILD ABUSE, remains a growing plague, for very sure, not only in the Developed world, but more so, in the Developing world.

Time is on us, at !WOW! and the world,   -to begin fearing just about everyone. These wretched, sick predators, are ''People one step away from killing a student/kid''.

These are the people who steal children's childhoods and destroy lives and families............With this the writing begins as a regular publishing at Sam Daily Times : The Voice Of The Voiceless.

''GIRLS AND BOYS, why do we have rules?''

Lauren Book is standing in front of 30 kindergarteners in a colourful classroom at Glades Academy, a charter school in Pahokee, Florida.

She's wearing black sweatpants, running shoes and a teal Lauren's Kids T-shirt with organization's signature butterfly on the front, and her blond hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail. ''Because rules help us stay...............'' she pauses. ''What?''

Safe the children shout back. They sit in pairs and wear matching khaki pants and collared shirts   -one of a few sets of uniforms the school gives each child at the start of the school year.

''Yes, rules help us stay safe. I'm here today to talk about some of my favorites rules to help all of you stay safe, OK?''
In unison: ''OK!''

Book is almost monomaniacally focused on keeping children safe. In her sweet, high-pitched voice, she asks the kindergarteners to close their eyes and imagine what a stranger looks like. ''Is your stranger tall or is your stranger short?''
''Is your stranger a man or a woman?''

Book asks about his eyes {''Angry!''}, nose [''Pointy!''], mouth [''Mean!''] and clothes {''Messy!''. Then she asks what he's holding.
''Guns!'' shouts one boy. ''A knife!'' says another. ''An ax! A shotgun!''

''Now let me ask you a question, boys and girls,'' Book says, ''Am I stranger?''

''No? When did you meet me?''
''How many minutes ago? Like, five minutes ago! Why do you think I'm not a stranger?''

''Cause you're nice and pretty!'' says one girl.
''No pointy nose! No knife!''

''Boys and girls, let me tell you something. I am a stranger! Just because I have neat hair, that doesn't mean I'm not a stranger. A stranger is just someone you don't know well. Can you tell if someone is good or bad from how they look on the outside?''

For the first time all morning the room goes all silent.  

Book hasn't come to preach about stranger danger; she talks about trusted adults and what what children can do if someone makes them feel  ''Icky'', confused, scared or not quite right.'' These are important, rare, lessons here at Glades Academy.

Surrounded by thousands acres of sugarcane. Pahokee is a place where churches abound and poverty reigns. In 2009, the Palm Beach County Economic Development Office announced Pahokee had reached  ''Depression levels'' -

With 32% unemployment nearly thrice the countrywide rate. All that for a city that's just an hour west of glitzy Palm Beach.

''This is the drug and sexual abuse capital of the world out here,'' says Don Zumpano, principal of Glades Academy.

''These children, the great majority of them don't have fathers in the house. The mothers or the grandmothers raise them at best they can. As far as parent participation, it's just hurting. I don't know exactly how to explain it..............It's the and that time forgot.

The Honour and Serving of this  ''Operational Research in Child Abuse'' continues. Thank you for reading, and please, share this writing with every school and every parent.

With respectful dedication to the Parents of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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Good Night and God bless

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