The Bitter Truth

M. Hissan Azher Javed
Writer, Poet - Sam Daily Times

The Bitter Truth

The world is full of screams and cries,
Nobody cares, if anybody lives or dies,

A world full of pain, a world full of sorrow,
Nobody knows whether we would live tomorrow,

Everybody claims to ease and diminish the pain,
But it's the wealth, the power, they want to gain,

Let's just put an end to cruelty,
And promote forever, love and amity,

It's not the evil in this world which remains,
But it's optimism from which we abstain,

It's never too late to answer this call,
Accepting the plea of love, restoring humanity after all!

M. Hissan Azher Javed


  1. Masha Allah, well done MHA, I am astonished. very very nicely expressed, rhythmic and meaningful. We better find a seat in NUML for you.
    Good Work.
    Keep it up son


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