I Shall Rise

M. Hissan Azher Javed
Samurai Writer, Poet - Sam Daily Times

I Shall Rise

My life is full of opportunities and possibilities,
Nothing can stop me, certainly not any disabilities,

When my power and my strength is my mind,
There's no questions, whose answer I can't find,

Facing new challenges, I just need some time,
I'll sparkle like a star, bright and shine,

I'll fulfill all your needs, do not fear,
I'll make you proud, I've said it, loud and clear,

Do not demoralize me by setting a limit,
I'm an eagle, in the habit of flying infinite, 

You've sown the seeds,
Do not regret your decision,

I'm a man driven by a motive,
A man on a Mission!

- M. Hissan Azher Javed


  1. Zabardast jawan. You are enjoying it. Keepit up.love you.


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