When You're Demented, chances are it's a parasite attack

I had read in my biology classes that there are the organisms which reside on our body against our will and suck out the vitamins and neutrons necessary for our own body to live a healthy life. Parasites find abode on unhygienic places on body where there is no sanitation.  

Eerily, people can exhibit the similar characteristics. So metaphorically, parasites are the uninvited, unwelcomed and despised people in your life. 

When you encounter such a person in life, you can identify him or her as a parasite from their habit of hurling tantrums at you when they are not succeeding at what they want. They try to chide or punish everyone who disapproves of them. Unfortunately you don’t see it soon enough. Suddenly you catch glimpse of yourself suffering, spotting that there’s someone tugging on you. Almost like a Dementor in JK Rowling’s book that used to thrive on the souls of other people, especially those who had less good memories of their life.

Lately, I helped a friend with her academic assignment which cost me everything I needed. Energies, vigor, vim. I couldn't comprehend how she started expecting of me to be always available for her every chore, her all desires and never say no, but spoon-feeding had never been my thing. Naturally tied up in my own schedule, I couldn’t help her beyond a reasonable extent.  She refused to act on her own, study on her own or even make an effort. As a result, she easily gave in to her demons. Under pressure, I started giving her just what she wanted just to make her stop. Until this night! Ask why?

For self-motivation, I reverted to my old post about deriving lessons from strange encounters which helped me understand that I have been inflicted by a parasitic friend. Parasites darken every place, every environment they enter.

In addition to many sufferers I've known recently, another friend of mine Muhammad had also been inflicted by a similar parasitic attack. One can refer to him as global citizen for his bright minded quaint approach toward the world, unbiased, friendly and willing to befriend anyone regardless of gender, race or color. Recently he wasn’t acting his natural self. It stopped showing even traces of what this incredible boy had been in his heyday.

He, despite being kind and cheerful, had started to act cranky. As I saw his exuberance and effervescence fading, it got me thinking. That’s when  I found out that he had been attacked by not one, but scores of parasites. Unfortunately, like all good-natured fruitful personalities, he instinctively puts himself into fire.  This wonderful forthright chap found himself in the throes of drama created by his unwelcomed mates. Those mates are referred to as parasites. For parasites, everything is a crisis. The more he was giving them, the more they needed from him without being grateful. He was egregiously putting up with them.

This post is to address all those healthy beings out there that are losing their shine, trapped in the similar situation. To recover, you must take this parasitic friend seriously. Don’t kid yourself thinking that everything will be okay over time. The parasites do absorb all the life out of your body, leaving it non-adaptive and unhealthy. If not understood in time, you may reap dangerous repercussions.
Here goes an indisputable fact:

“Life burns your ass because you sit too close to the fire”

Extent of our responsibility in this, you may wonder? A challenge in stressful situations is to stay calm. Despite considering myself strong, I was about to buckle under the power of unpredictability. This is the sign that a safe boundary is needed where one can meditate. Never refuse anyone help but when you think your helping them is actually harmful for them, be courageous enough to stop. Considering that you’ve tried to help spiritually this parasitic friend, only to exhaust yourself, your energies and resources, it's about time you put an end to it. Before they render you useless, be sure to save the remaining joules of energy so that you restore the normal functioning of yourself.

Before you languish, understand – perhaps it’s time to brandish the cane to get the parasite running off. Also, identify and associate with good friends who are ready to grow with an open heart.

Not that I don't love the parasitic friend. The thing is - if you want to be respected by a this sort of friend you love, you must prove to them that you can live without them, or that can be better off without them. Believe me, it'll be for the better in the long run. 

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