Headline June 21, 2015/ "' ACCESSING -[ DEEP WEB SITES ]- WITH TOR "'



TOR is downloaded over....... 30 million - 50 million...... times a year.  There are close to [ONE Million] daily Tor users.

A Jump and growth of over  20%  in the past, and through all these years. Tor can access over  6,500  hidden and highly encrypted  websites.

Like Tor,...... Bitcoin has entirely legitimate reasons for existing. As far as any one can tell, it's primarily used for legal purposes:  

Scores of businesses accept bitcoins now, including Howard Johnson, the dating website. OKCupid, and at least one New York City bar.

But Bitcoin's digital slipperiness, when force multiplied by anonymity of the  Deep Web, creates a potential platform for criminal transactions, unlike anything the real-or-virtual world has ever seen. The potential was realized by the  Dread Pirate Roberts.

[A Pirate's life?  Friends describe  Ross Ullbrichit, a former Eagle Scout, as quiet and straitlaced.]

Unlike conventional Internet browsers,   Tor allows its users to surf the Web anonymously. But  TOR  is also the portal to illegal commerce sites like Silk Road. Here's how Tor  and the system works:

1] When you run Tor software to access the Internet.  all your data   -including your Web searches   -are wrapped in layers of encryption.

2]  To hide your location, Tor  sends your data through a network of relays -other computers using Tor. Each relay strips a layer of encryption before passing it on. Tor changes your relay path frequently to avoid trace and detection.

3]  Tor has more than 4,000 relays.Your encrypted data passes through three of them. Once the last layer of the encryption is stripped, the exit relay connects you to the website you want to visit.

4]  Illegal marketplaces are hosted on servers that are exclusive to Tor users. On these sites, you can buy drugs or weapons and even hire assassins 

5]  At checkout, you use a digital currency called Bitcoin    -exchanged via digital wallets on the buyer's and seller's computers,.....which makes it virtually untraceable.

6]  Sellers ship contraband in packages that conceal the illegal contents. After you receive the merchandise, an  escrow account releases payments to the seller. 

Ross Ulbricht grew up Texas, An Eagle Scout who went on to study physics at the University of Texas in Dallas. He was a fan of of fellow Texan and libertarian Ron Paul; both studied the Austrian school of economics and the work of its father, Ludwig von Misses, who believed in unrestricted markets.

Ulbricht earned a master's in materials science and engineering at Pennsylvania State University. Acquaintances describe him as bright and straitlaced.

"He wasn't the center of conversation or the center of anything," says a friend who claims to have briefly dated him. "He kind of set himself in the background."

By the time he graduated, Ulbricht had become interested in the idea of the Internet as a venue for perfecting free markets. His greatest enemy   -according to his  LinkedIn profile   -was the government.

**"The most widespread and systemic use of force is amongst institutions and governments, so this is my current point of effort." he wrote.

"The best way to change a government is to change the minds of the governed, however. To that end, I am creating an economic simulation to give people a firsthand experience of what it would be like to live in a world without the systemic use of force."**

After graduating from  Penn State  in 2009, Ulbricht went to Sydney, Australia, to visit his sister. It was there, allegedly, that he began working on what would become  Silk Road and transforming himself into the Dread Pirate Roberts.

By then, drug dealers were already active on the  Deep Web, but their business tended to fail for two reasons: the moneys changing hands was traceable,and it was difficult to build trust with clients.

Roberts would solve both of these problems:

The double layer of anonymity created by  Tor  and  Bitcoin made the money virtually untraceable. To establish trust, Roberts looked to two temples of legitimate commerce for his ideas, and even ideals: "Amazon and eBay".

He was a quick study. Users of  Silk Road describe a sophisticated, full-featured experience complete with buyers and seller reviews and customer forums.

"When deciding whether or not to go with a vendor, I read the feedback on their pages and also ratings from a few months ago," says one Silk Road client, who declined to be identified.

"I also go the forums and read the seller's review thread, and depending on the substance, I'll go to an 'avenger's thread, where people from the  Silk Road community post lab results for individual products."

When transactions did go south, there was dispute resolution system. "Honestly, it was like a candy store." says the user. 

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