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OF VERY LATE,   -I am given and even forced to understand, by many, many well wishers, that I am growing Falstaffian and even nutty in my beliefs and practices.

What brought this observation about was, when I began saluting and making way for even un-owned, unbranded, pye/pie  dogs. While,  all the while, muttering loud enough to myself and others:

"Well, this one surely seems with at least a Garduate degree, a BBA degree maybe, and GPA of a 3 plus for sure" 

BELIEVE IT OR NOT,  -"CHESTER THE PUG"   was awarded the MBA by Rochville University.

!Believe it or not!

A dog in the United States was issued an online MBA by one of the degree mills allegedly run by the Pakistani Software company, Axact.

Good old Chester received the degree based on his  ''life and work experience". Do wonder about his GPA? I believe it is around 3.8. Lucky, lucky dog.

Chester Ludlow, MBA, a pug dog from Vermont, was awarded the MBA by Rochville University, a purported  online college that offers degrees. And the damining The New York Times expose by:

Declan Walsh revealed that the online college was among the numerous diploma mills run by Axact. 

GetEducated.com organised the sting operation against Rochville University in May 2009, submitting a resume for Chester   -the Website's mascot  -along with $499.

All documents were issued in the dog's American Kennel Club pedigree name Chester Ludlow.

Chester also received a Rochville University decal for a car. Well, think and accuse what you may,  in context of Axact, one stark truth is, that no one can accuse them of  ''cruelty to animals.'' 

Ever wonder, what this world is coming to? Than read on:

CHICKEN OR EGG OR DINOSAUR? or an MBA degree for Chester? Surely a giant leap for Canines!

If we accept what scientists tell us,  -and we usually always ever do, -"a chicken is really a modified dinosaur."

If that's tough to stomach, how about the report that a group of scientists has managed to turn a chicken's beak   - a piece of critical avian equipment that appeared-

Relatively late in the evolution of a dinosaur to bird- back into something resembling the dinosaur snout it once was.

Bhart-Anjan-Bhullar of  Yale, who led the eight-year project along with Arhat Abzhanov of  Harvard, insisted that turning a chicken into a Velociraptor was not the point.

"Our goal here was to understand the molecular underpinnings of an important evolutionary transition,"  Dr. Bhullar said in a statement,  "not to create a dino-chicken' simply for the sake of it.

Ah, but once a term like that is released, there is no stopping the image of a murderous dino-chicken escaping from an  ivy-covered  campus and wreaking vengeance on KFC.

As reported in the journal  Evolution,  the goal of research was to study the evolutionary process that gradually transformed flying dinosaurs into thousands of species of birds on Earth today.

Specifically, they asked whether an evolutionary change in proteins produced by embryonic cells might have allowed birds to fuse common face bones into what what became beaks.

By blocking the genetic signal that told the embryo to build a beak, the scientists caused the embryo to grow a snout that resembled those sported by their dinosaur ancestors.

No beakless chicken was actually hatched.

The monstrous creature bought back to life is as old as human storytelling, and the temptation to invoke monster chickens or  long-legged crocodiles continues to be irresistible.

What may be truly amazing is the story of  dino-chicken , however, is what it tells us about the extraordinary ingenuity of science to plumb the tiniest mysteries of the universe.

And the boundless curiosity scientists who can dedicate years of their lives to something as seemingly arcane, but ultimately fascinating, as the genesis of a chickens beak. 

"Men have lost their reason and the justice has gone to the beast?"  Willam Shakespeare would certainly grimace at that!  

With respectful dedication to the Students of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

"' Life Goes On "'

'''Good Night and God Bless

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