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EMERITUS PROFESSOR JAMES J. SHEEHAN  teaches history at Stanford University.  It can only be a great honour to quote from his review of : Goebbels. A Biography. By Peter Longerich.

ON ONLY TWO MATTERS did  Dr Joseph Goebbels commitment remained consistent and passionate. One was so called  "Jewish question."

From the start of his political career until the very end, Goebbels viewed Jews, both at home and abroad, as the source of Germany's misfortunes.

He supported without hesitation the regime's  increasingly- radical and racial policies as they evolved from persecution to exclusion to mass murder.

"A judgement is being carried out on the Jews that is barbaric but thoroughly deserved," he wrote in March 1942. "There must be no sentimentality about these matters."

The second, no less powerful and persistent of his political commitments was his loyalty to Hitler. He was a narcissist. Mr. Longerich argues, who needed to be admired by everyone he met, but he was especially and obsessively addicted to Hitler's admiration, which he would do  anything to retain.

He was the only of Hitler's closest associates who remained with him until the end, finally affirming his fealty with his own, and his family's death.

From his endlessly elaborate description of his meetings with the Fuhrer, we can see   -as Goebbels himself often could not    -just how skilfully Hitler manipulated him, deftly deploying his talents-

Exploiting his weaknesses, nurturing his loyalty by feeding but never fully satisfying his insatiable appetite for approval. Hitler saw to it, that everyone in his inner circle, Goebbels had to share power with others:

Although formally in charge of propaganda, he was never given complete control over the party's publishing business or its press agency and he was constantly frustrated by the Foreign Office's attempts to influence opinion overseas.   

Hitler's own authority was based on his role as the final arbiter of the disputes that constantly erupted among his ambitious and aggressive courtiers.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels great advantage in the contentious world of Nazi politics was his personal connection to the Fuhrer. 

Mr. Longerich describes in considerable detail Hitler's close relationship with the entire Goebbels family, and especially with Magda, to whom he seems to have felt a powerful emotional, although apparently not erotic, attachment.

In 1938, when Magda complained about her husband's affair with the Czech actress Lida Barrova, Hitler intervened and insisted on a reconciliation.

Faced with the choice of between the charms of the lovely Barrova and his loyalty to the Fuhrer, Goebbels does not seem to have hesitated a minute.

[ ''And now,''  he confided to his diary,'' a new life is beginning. A hard, tough life, dedicated to nothing but duty. My youth is over.'' 

But for the cold objective analysis of History:

Dr. Joseph Goebbels was a life, in a lifetime, dedicated to winning the approval of Adolf Hitler.

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