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THE AMERICAN TECH GIANT HP COMPANY has found a way to extract harmony from an awkward situation in China.

Selling a controlling 51% share stake in a Chinese data networking business. H3C Technologies, to a state owned company looks like a partial retreat from an unwelcoming market.

But Hewlett-Packard now has a powerful ally with deep ties to the government. Rivals from Cisco Systems and Microsoft should consider striking similar deals.

HP's  $2.3 billion sale of part of H3C comes at a thorny time in Sino-American relations. 

Beijing has been beefing up the country's  cybersecurity  legislation and curbing the country's reliance on foreign tech companies.

The American just recently charged Chinese nationals with stealing secrets from two tech companies in the US. 

Western contenders from IBM and CISCO have been affected by the chill, with CISCO reporting a  19%  annual drop in its Chinese revenue in the quarter that ended in January. 

BY NOW, instead of quietly sitting in the back seat of my Uber and checking my phone or reading the newspaper, I had to start working to charm.

''Your husband like oysters?''  I enthused to the women driving me in San Francisco.
''What are the kids up to this summer?'' I chirped to another.

It was starting to have the vibe of friending, liking and sharing on Facebook, and that always gave me the acid flashbacks to the   '80s when I was forced to go my brother's house and watch slides of his wedding.

Finally, my nephew explained that I didn't need to grovel or gush. I simply needed to say as I got out of the car:

''Five for Five.''

If I promised to give them five stars   -even in the Wild West of Uber X, where drivers often seem so unfamiliar with the local terrain it's as though they've arrived from Mars   -they would give me the five stars.

Bribery. Lies and Cover-up. Mt Uber app turns out to have all the usual Washington vices.

An article in Business Insider advised giving an extra cash-tip and not passing gas if you want a five-star rating. Enough passengers throw up that there's an official policy [A fine between $50 and $200].

Coming from a family of Irish maids. I had been looking forward to the concierge democracy, where we could all be masters of Downtown Abbey butied by drones and summoning staff by just touching our smartphones.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported:

''There's an Uber for everything now. Washio is for having someone do your laundry. Sprig and SkyRocket cook your dinner and Shyp will mail things out so you don't have to brave the post office.

Zeel delivers a massage therapist  [complete with table]. Heal sends a doctor on a house call, while Saucey will rush over alcohol. And by Jeeves   -cutesy name are part of the schtick-

Dufi will pack your suitcase and Eaze will reap a medical marijuana supply.''

There is also Luxe, which uses GPS to offer a personal parking valet dressed in a blue uniform who will meet you at your destination and park your car for you.

But they'll have no doubt all have mutually insured destruction rating systems, too, so Saucey will reveal how politely I grab my bottle Grey Goose'''

I've only yanked my rating up to a tenth of a point in the last two weeks. I'm hoping Uber's self-driving cars will like me more. But somehow I think the robots will be even more judgy:

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