VERY, VERY FEW FILM MAKERS in the world, could match India's Satyajit Ray when it came to depicting :

''A Human Lens On Rawness Of Life.''  

''' Pather Panchali''  became the first entry into this master genius's trilogy of life. In 1954, Huston saw part of this film in a silent rough cut in India. 

He strongly recommended it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.-

Where  '''Pather Panchali''  received its world premier the next year. Before it was released in London in 1957. When eventually released in New York in 1958, ''Pather Panchali'' ran for eight months at the Fifth Avenue Cinema.

Two years later, ''Pather Panchali'' ; ''Aparajito,'' the middle installment, which had won the Golden Lion at the 1957 Film Festival; and the final part, ''The World of Apu''   

All with the music composed by  Ravi Shanker  -together entranced audiences in New York, including a teenage Martin Scorese.

Akira Kurosawa once said of  ''Pather Panchali''  'I can never forget the excitement in my mind after seeing the it. 

I have had several more opportunities to see the film since then- and each time I feel more overwhelmed. It is the kind of film that flows with the serenity and nobility of a big river.'' 
Satyajit Ray: Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you, Sir! 

Time to return to HIEROGLYPHICS, as they change the business correspondence forever and ever. 

TRUST THAT THERE IS a business angle to this nonsense. A new class of emoji released recently by the mysterious consortium-

That dreams them up, and among them are symbols clearly intended for business correspondence. That includes a selection of pens, several telephones, five envelopes-

Two floppy disks, and a businessman who is for some reason, levitating.

These tools have the potential, clearly, to alter business correspondence forever.

Why is this new visual vocabulary for business forthcoming? Why do emoji overlords think we need seven different notebooks and five different mailboxes when the catalogue-

Still lacks some of the basic necessitates to human conversation, like say Kimye or a macaroon?

Macroons are the new cupcake, say influential bloggers. 

One reason may be that text-based business correspondence has become a minefield. Try thanking someone over email without using an exclamation point. Go on, try it.

Where  "Thanks!"  translates to , "I genuinely, warmly appreciate your contribution,  "Thanks." with a hard-stop period  looks so icy the recipient has to wonder if it's  sarcastic.

Don't be a heartless monster; add a  smiley-face wink. Another typographical tip: Try out   sorrrrrryyyyyy and thaaaaaaanks    -the more y's, the sorrier you are,  the more a's, the more thankful you are.

Unless you are yanking somebody's chain, Emoji can clear that up.

These shortcomings of plain language may explain why, if a new study from the  University of Cambridge  computer laboratory is to believed,  people who use emoticons in their personal and professional lives are more popular and influential than those who don't.

To lack influence in today's business environment is to be irrelevant, and to be irrelevant is the ultimate modern horror.

Emoji have always had a business side, despite their tilt toward Japanese foods and cartoon cats.

Before the latest upgrade, the emoji catalogue included pushpins, file folders, and calendars, plus charts, graphs, currencies, and paper clips. 

There's even a suit and a briefcase, which I recommend you pair with the giant bag of money and martini to convey success.

But now emoji will be even more businesslike, levitating executives and all.

With this wealth of important resources at our disposal, we modern, influential people of relevance will have no choice but to make like teens and sext.................Er, post-text. Er, emote.

We must emojify. 

With respectful dedication to the Students of the world. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' The Students Lens '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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