MY FATHER, Dr Mohammed Akbar Khan Hashmi Querishi, from King Edwards College, was a unique saint. 

The direct descendant of a long line of patron saints. A fact, that this great man never ever, forgot.

For over 40 years, day in and night out, this physician and surgeon, cared for the sick, the lost, the unwanted, and the miserable. Few could pay him, so he accepted even two eggs as a fee. 

Practically, he never retired. But when he did retire in theory in 1965. His pension was less than Rupees 100. My great mother, Ashrafat Jan, refused the sum, and returned the documents to the state of Pakistan and the government of KPK.

It was my father who introduced me to the Premier of China, Chou En Lai. My elder brother Engineer Basharat Akbar Khan [Lawrence College} also made the honour.

''Where do you study?'' asked the Premier in perfect English. 'Convent School, Sir,' I answered. ''And is your mother educated?'' he queried. ''She reads the Holy Koran, in Arabic, Sir,'' I shot back.

This great leader's eyes, began to glint. He continued to stare at me in a penetrating manner. ''I see!'' he said, and he said it to nobody in particular. 

Influential technologists tell me we're in a  ''post text world.'' Since I do everything influential student technologists tell me to do- they are the Oprah of the world, the Oprah of the Internet.

I now litter my correspondence to friends, to colleagues, and my state authorities with images. These include selfies, dronies, [drone-enabled selfies], and most, most important, emoji.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a tiny emoji pictogram, sent through a friends iPhone, has to be worth at least 50 or 60.

Emoji started in Japan as a way to add context to text correspondence. Thanks to American students/teens  who influence influential bloggers, the emoji characters have blossomed into a cultural phenomenon.

There are emoji art exhibits, emoji poetry books, emoji social networks, and, thanks to Katy Perry, emoji music videos.

You can buy a pair of designer slippers decorated with emoji characters for $340. A crowdsourced project with Kickstarter funding translated Melville's classic novel into the new hieroglyphics under the title Emoji Dick.

AN AUSTRIAN LAW GRADUATE spearheading a class action against Facebook for alleged privacy breaches, officially filed the suit in a Vienna court.

In a closely-watched case, Max Schrems and   25,000   other users are suing the social media giant for various rights violations, ranging from the ''illegal''  tracking of their data under the  EU law to-

Facebook's involvement in the  PRISM  surveillance programme of the US National Security Agency [NSA].

''Basically we are asking Facebook to stop mass surveillance , to  {have}  a proper privacy policy that people can understand,  but also to stop collecting data of people that are not even Facebook users.''

27 years old Schrems told AFP in an interview last week. The case has been brought against Facebook's European headquarters in Dublin, which registers all accounts outside the United States and Canada-

Making up some  80%   of Facebook's billion users.

Schrems was able to file his action against the Irish  subsidiary at a civil court in Vienna because under the  EU  law, all member states have to enforce court rulings from any other member state.

Among other issues, judges will have to rule on Facebook's objections that the clash action is inadmissible under Austrian law   -an objection dismissed by Schrems' lawyers as lacking   ''any substance''.

So far the social media company has not been available for comment on the matter.

Interest in the case has been overwhelming. Within days of launching the suit in August last year, thousands of people   -mostly based in Europe but also  in Asia, Latin America and  Australia  -had signed up.

In the end, Schrems limited the number of participants to  25,000 but a further 55,000  have already registered to join the proceedings at a later stage.

Each of the plaintiffs is claiming a  ''token amount"  of 500 Euros  {$540} in damages. Schrems began his battle nearly four years ago, when he spent a semester at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley.

The Austrian said he was startled by the general lackadaisical attitude towards European privacy laws. 

''The general approach in  Silicon Valley is that you can do anything you want in Europe''  without facing any major consequences. Schrems said.

The Honour and Serving of  ''life's operational research continues''. Thank you for reading and maybe, learning. And see Ya all on the following one.

With respectful and loving dedication to a very great human that I had the honour and privilege to know. Her kindness, her love and her care, I never forgot : My mother-in-law Raeesa Begum, and to-

All the Parents of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

'' Hieroglyphics ''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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