A Fool's Love

M. Hissan Azher Javed
Writer, Poet - Sam Daily Times

A Fool's Love

Sitting in her room, not knowing what to do,
"Should I call him? But he could've called too"

Crying, heartbroken and devastated,
Never realised that he was frustrated,

Why wouldn't he be, she was so cruel,
He was in love, following her like a fool,

He was selfish, yet he shared everything,
He didn't want to, yet she made him sing,

She loved him, but didn't care about his privacy,
"Where are you? Who is she?" That's not curiosity!

This is not love, he finally understood,
He finished it all, she never thought he would,

Living a hard life, many times he had died,
But nothing killed him more, than her suicide!

M. Hissan Azher Javed


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