What does it mean to be your own hero

The parable of Spiderman, Superman and Ironman and many others tell us something. These characters possess extraordinary powers to kill the evil character. In real life, the story is no different; if we ought to be superheroes, we need to begin by slaying the evil within ourselves.  The heroes rise triumphant over their fears. Their fears don’t control their behavior because they don’t succumb to the fears but get past it. Kill the fear monsters that breed egoistic, dishonest and deceptive behavior.

More than anything else, be the hero of your life, not the victim. It has nothing to do with money, ego,  stuff to show off and power. It has everything whatsoever to do with emotional honesty, courage, positive thoughts, integrity.

You can't be anyone's hero until you become your own hero first.

The process begins by building a heroic courage within yourself which comes with inner strength of character, being intellectually and emotionally honest with yourself as well as with others.

Everyone wants to be proud of himself/herself but they aren’t quite sure how would it happen. 

For example, I’ve witnessed many of my friends getting perplexed by the question which leads to inner conflict - How to tell if it’s true love or addiction/infatuation?

You truly love someone when they’re good human beings, when they have the virtues of a great person, for example, honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, and the most important thing - holding a conscience. If you’re loving someone who’s bad, then you’re only addicted. Just like you get addicted to drugs which you know are harmful to your health but there’s no way you’re ready to give them up. There’s a greater amount of pain attached in case of leaving the people you love. True love gives you the power, the courage to stand tall, i.e., you won’t be afraid to let go of a bad person. You’d love them enough to let them go. Because inside your head, the concepts of goodness and badness and their potential repercussions are all clear.  

If you’re Dishonest, what does it tell about you:
When you shun honesty in your relationships, you do so solely out of fear. Your best heroic potential is stunted right there.  Heroic behavior doesn’t grow. 

If you’re envious, what does it tell about you:
Being envious, shameful, criticizer, guilty and player of blame game, you’re exuding the tumultuous conflict inside of you. As a result you end up in darkness. And there’s only one way out, fight and kill the monsters within you. Win the duel and meet yourself in real form!

Some questions and a pathway to answers
Ask yourself, do you honour truth, do you honour your friends? Do you treat your girlfriend, boyfriend, colleagues, spouse, family with respect? Have you been granted the trust of person closest to you? How much do they trust you?

Emerging out of your dark side, leveling up the low goals, making yourself extraordinary is part of heroism. It’s natural to be afraid of many consequences. In situations of muddiness and disarray, standing up and doing something that must be done is heroism. One has to strike a balance between feeling no fear and being a total coward. 

With a keen eye, you’ll be able to see that there’s a decipherable pattern in the events happening around you. The irrefutable argument is - We can go deeper into the tiers of meanings of our life by taking a panoramic view of our own life. The things you discover with this practice will surprise you!


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