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''' THIS WORLD... [OF]... 


WITH MOST RESPECTFUL DEDICATION, to his Excellency : Prime Minister Mian  Mohammed Nawaz Sharif , Prime Minister of Pakistan.

With Most Respectful Dedication to Prime Minister Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, and President Asif Ali Zardari.

And as always, ever, a Great dedication, to O"Captain Imran Khan, Pakistan's super son!

Once upon a time, Your Excellencys'  there.... in a farway land called, Pakistan, the youth/ students  were considered the only hope for the nation and:

Education, dignity, peace, recognition as their birthright 

EVERYDAY  -EVERY SINGLE DAY,  -the  Developing World, that includes Pakistan , the present temporary hosts of !WOW!- the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

[That is the ownership of every single student in the world. One ''share-peace-piece"]................

Fall and regress, over 5 days behind America and the developed world.

This unique even esoteric observation, I have figured through hard work and brewing the midnight oil. Be assured I will cover it in great and fabulous details in the future researches. 

STUDENT SAAD AHMED,  [from]  Karachi, Pakistan, affirms the  Dwindling of the Dwindle.   Lets some great International Lawyers, or any of you great students, fathom and untangle this innovation of words:  "Dwindling The Dwindle".

O'' OH!  "YouTube! My beloved this hearts but weeps for thee. For so, so long,
long time.... No, never, See. And absence just maketh my heart grow more founder, O''beloved!"

ARTICLE [19 [A] of the constitution of Pakistan states and declares freedom of speech and  the right of information for all citizens. But conversely, the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority, lovingly called PTA, bans online sources of information unnecessarily and unconvincingly.

YouTube has been banned in Pakistan since September 17, 2012, following the blasphemous video. The  PTA assured that the matter would be resolved by coordinating with Google to manufacture Pakistan's own YouTube website-

Which would result in better management of such content. But to  no one's surprise, nothing like this happened or was ever meant to happen.

I, as a student, writes Saad Ahmed, know the value of the educational content on YouTube. The conspicuous solution is to ban the offensive content only and not the entire source. Even the strategy and tactics to ban the entire source goes in vain since-

YouTube is accessible through proxy networks and YouTube's  android application, although these methods significantly affect the site's performance.

YouTube's boycott has isolated Pakistan, Pakistani's and The Pakistani students.

IF PAKISTAN, ever believed, or let me be more diplomatic, truly believes in the freedom of speech and right to information, this should demonstrated through the lifting of the ban on YouTube.

Well, thank you!, Student Saad Ahmed. You are a good and a courageous lad. Be assured that I will be taking this up at the first light. Just watch, in the days ahead. In the meantime, just see what Roshan Bhatti illuminates:

"Jean Jacques Roussseau", a philosopher, once said:  "If you want to destroy any nation, destroy its education first."  Its education that brings about positive change in attitude and enlightens the mind.

Access to quality education promotes social harmony and resultantly nips conflict drivers in the bud. Nations of the world have transformed because of the quality education they provided to their youth.

Access to quality education should be realised in all circumstances, even during times of disasters and conflicts.

Sindh [a province of Pakistan] which has a legacy of peace, tolerance, and respect for diversity. faces multiple challenges ranging from poverty, economic instability, poor governance, inadequate social services-

Potential threats of terrorism, feudalism, and sectarian, ethnic and political injustice, ignorance on part of the government, acute poverty, deep-rooted biases, lack of awareness and interest of communities in education-

And damage to basic infrastructure, have contributed to the pathetic educational standards in Sindh.

According to the report from  2010-2011, there are 6.4 million children in Sindh and   59%  of them are out of school. Because of lack of education, the looming threat of Sindh's diversity has led to ethnic and sectarian polarisation and unrest in parts of the province.

Sindh is adversely affected by ethnic and linguistic conflicts, tribal feuds, political and sectarian violence and terrorism. In many districts of the province,, government schools have turned into ''ghost schools". And

Hire  "ghost teachers" who are busy in their private businesses for income generation and still draw government salaries.

This deplorable scenario contributes to a very high number of  dropouts  and out-of-school children , which can become fodder militant groups and criminal gangs.

The younger generation of Sindh is being deprived out of its basic rights to education. Such a situation poses a threat to the province's super history of peace, social harmony, and tolerance.

Therefore, it is the duty of the government to come to real grips with this mortal issue.

All other stakeholders, including communities, teachers, non-governmental organizations, the media and others must play their part.

Now as I round off, I do this by honouring this great man and a splendid writer, Chris Cork: See what he says as he soars:

"I retain the perception that I live in a society where the culture of dishonesty is all pervasive".

Sure is, Master Cork! How then goes your world.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

'' The Values- The Dream '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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