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TRUE LITTLE ANGELS and darlings they are ! :  Students Hanyia Khan, and  Meriam Khan, and  their very beautiful, distinguished mother-

Lawyer Zainab Khan  [Kings College],  and their leader father, Imran Khan [named after the great O'' Captain]   [University of Trinity], Dublin, bestowed on me: 

''The Medal Of Great Freedom For Mankind!''   

Few grandfathers in the world can be more lucky and even fewer feel so much at worth. 

And this is one honour and accomplishment that even President Obama, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister Modi,  President Bill Clinton, President [to be] Hillary Clinton can't boast.  

THE WHOLE WORLD  IS Captured by the spirit of !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless and Sam Daily Times : ''' the voice of the voiceless'''.

All Mankind has begun to recognize what is happening. The Students are coming together, for the first time in the history. So, the whole world is wondering about what they are feeling and what they are seeing.

''We had an above-ground pool in the backyard of my mom's house in northern California. I would put a brick in the back of my swimming trunks to hold me down on the bottom, suck in air through a garden hose, and lay there with my arms and legs adrift, pretending I was walking in space.

I was, of course, eagerly anticipating the Apollo missions to the moon, because that would give me more models to build.'' 

Innovation at its supreme best. And the writer is Tom Hanks. Just about one of the greatest actors of all times. Don't miss watching the movie Apollo 13.

!WOW!, Pakistan, and the developing world, - and all the countries in the world that don't innovate quickly fall by the wayside in the global success stakes.

Pakistan, and let me be respectful to my own integrity, ranks terribly and poorly in world innovation rankings, although, although we do quiet well with the limited inputs that we have.

Yes, true, that while the recipe for innovation is a complex one, the government effectiveness and regulatory quality are some very important ingredients. ''Our lack of government effectiveness is a well-recognised terrible reality.

More troubling is the fact that in Pakistan, our regulatory and policy environment impedes rather than promotes,.........innovation. 

Capital controls are a case in point. Pakistan has not fully liberalised its capital [financial] account''. Fair enough, concedes the author,

The  State Bank of Pakistan is arguably Pakistan's most respected regulator. But existing regulations make it difficult for Pakistani corporations to acquire scale of capability through acquisition of foreign corporation or its assets.

Companies, the world over, acquire new capabilities through acquisition. The target company often has the technological know-how, market position or human capital that the acquirer would be unable to replicate or that would be prohibitively expensive to acquire independently.

But the State Bank of Pakistan the government's economic policy make it very difficult for Pakistani companies companies to acquire capabilities this way.

Capital controls impact big business and the budding entrepreneur, alike. Technology entrepreneurs are not allowed to set up a corporation to, to commercialize new social media ventures. 

Opening a foreign bank account is next to impossible! And the Pakistani corporations can't  make even a modes foreign investment without the approval of the Economic Coordination Committee [ECC]  of the federal cabinet.

It is not only outbound movement of capital that is controlled. The Ministry of Interior requires all foreign investors to seek clearance from it. A foreign investor faces the prospect of setting up a company in Pakistan-

Capitalizing it, and then learning a month later that he/she has been denied security clearance. And, no one, and I repeat one, should ever forget that one of the metrics that global innovation surveys use to measure innovation and creativity:  Is the number of uploads in YouTube per capita.

But the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the  Information Technology ministry are unable to answer this question:

''Why must we continue to block the YouTube?

The issue of Internet censorship is a very, very complex one, but an effective government and an empowered regulator should have anticipated and handled it in in a less heavy-handed manner.''

'''Pakistan, Pakistani Nation, Pakistani students. This is !WOW!............... 

Do you read Loud and Clear? Strength 5?'''

The Honour and Serving of  the  ''Entrepreneurial Operational research''  continues. Thank you for reading, and maybe learning.

With respectful dedication to my great heroes:

Mariam, Rabo, Dee, Saima, Malala,Haleema, Sarah, Aqsa, Haider, Shazaib Khan, Salar Khan, Vishnu/India, Ali, Hussain, Bilal Malik, Qasim Khan [NUST]  Jordan, Reza, Danyial & Rahym/UK, Ahsen& Armeen, Mustafa,[LUMS] Ibrahim, Faizan, Hassan, Anum, Eman, Zaeem, Hazeem, Hamza, Sannan, & Toby/China, and 

Students and Entrepreneurs of Pakistan. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Pakistan Time '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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