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CIA BEING CIA    -just can't be kept out of great games and thrills. A Canadian startup. D-Wave Systems, is partially funded Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the CIA.

This very, very, super secretive and often controversial company is already marketing a hybrid machine that seems to be a traditional silicon computer with some sort of quantum thruster.

Having said that, the Pakistani students would be aching for me to say something on the Inter Services Intelligence  [ISI's delights].  Well, to be fair to you all, be assured that should I ever run to their Director General, say-

Over a cup of tea, I will query him? But then don't go asking me on RAW, Mossad, KGB,''''''''''''''''''and on and on.  

THIS now raises a very basic question .Why the hell does the world need a  Quantum Computer?

Because a quantum computer could also create  indestructible encryption, and unlock any existing computer security as easily as  you unzip your computer bag.

The U.K., China, Russia, Australia, Netherlands and other countries are in the game.

In the  U.S. the CIA, National Security Agency and Pentagon are all funding research, while Los Alamos National Laboratory operates one of the most significant quantum computer labs. 

And yet, quantum computing research isn't self-contained and secretive in the manner of the Los Alamos  atomic bomb during World War II.

Some of it is academic work at the universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with findings shared in scientific papers.

Technology companies are working on this too, since these things have the potential to be business nukes.

IBM, Google, Microsoft all fund research. Imagine if Google gets one before Microsoft.

That pesky Bing could wind up vaporized. Google has a  Quantum Artificial Intelligence unit    working with the University of California,  Santa Barbara, with a goal of developing a quantum machine that can learn.

There's no telling yet how this technology will emerge, or whether it will be hoarded by a few nations  [like nukes]  or spread around the globe  {like computers}.

''There's a healthy mix of cooperation and competition,"  IBM quantum computing scientist Jerry Chow says.  "But there's starting to be more competition."

Keep in mind that this technology is really hard and really, really weird. A quantum computer makes calculations using the spin of special atoms, called qubits, and it relies on bizarre quantum physics properties like: Multiple parallel universes.

Quantum computing is so fast because it calculates all possible answers at the same time.

To borrow a metaphor from  D-Wave  CEO  Vern Bromnell, let's say you had to find an X written on one among  37 million books in the library of Congress.

A typical computer today would look at a every page, one at a time  -very quickly, but still in a serial process.

A quantum computer could look at every page at the same time  -as if we were splitting the task into a billion parallel universes,  finding the answer, then coming back to ours to show-

Us where that  X   is.

The Honour and Serving of the  ''Technology Operational Research''   continues. Thank you all for reading,  and maybe, learning something.

With respectful dedication to the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA]  and the Inter Services Intelligence [ISI] . See Ya all, Sirs,  on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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