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ALL IN ALL -and EVERY COUNTRY in the world, started very, very early to understand the lethal importance of education in the world.

Yet, it is just so striking, how little and how few of these countries want to engage..........  !WOW! with major issues of the day, let alone the future.

To the dismay of  educationalists  the world over, every country, every government of the day, gave conditional support to education. In this part of the world, given the fragile environment-

But with its growing population, marketplace, and so an inbound beacon appeal to world leaders, how should !WOW! balance educational protection, economic development, and social equity? 

FEW LEADERS in the world, I found, who took a very clear stand on the issues of Education. In Pakistan,  O" Captain Imran Khan struggles and tries and won't give in. I am watching not what he says, but what he does.
But before, I proceed  forward, let me thank by the thousands, all the great teachers of the world, who stopped to communicate,  stopped by to pay respects and illuminate teacher's problems.

I will do my very best, to proceed with great efforts,, dignified processes, and non-disreptive solutions.

[DEVELOPING] PAKISTAN has these great, very great schools. As good as any in the world:

Beacon House, Head Start, SLS, Convents, Roots, and on and on. And all these schools, private or otherwise,  make money, many hands over many fists. Their owners, just about the richest plums.

And here, I am shying away, and not touching the rich Colleges and Universities and Tuition Centers. But I will revert to them in due course of the honours. Be assured.

In US, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN steep tuition increases when all the owners are sitting so pretty?

HOW DO YOU DEFEND THE TRANSFER of teaching responsibilities to ''low-paid'' , part-time adjuncts when the president is sitting so pretty?

BUT let me endeavour to research a benchmark context for you, so that you can relate more to the reasoning: 

A recent study by the ''Oxford Martin School''   concluded that 47 of the U.S jobs are at high risk of having taken by smart machines and software in the next two decades.

And what is interesting, notes James Manyika, a director of McKinsey Global Institute and coauthor of   "No Ordinay Disruption,"  is that, contrary to expectations-

"Knowledge at the middle and the top"  maybe more threatened than those doing physical work. For example The Associated Press now uses computers, not reporters, to generate more than 3,000 financial reports per quarter.

This can free up workers to do more creative work, but they have to be educated and  trained for it.     

How do you cut administrative costs, which indeed need cutting? How do you explain steep tuition increases,   mammoth student debt     and the failure to admit more students from poor families?

***This above para, just as well applies to all the schools in the world.***

How do you summon students back to the liberal arts and away from mercenary priorities?

The high salaries are frequently defended on the grounds that a university's president job is all consuming. But if it is, how do so many of them find term serve, for hundreds of thousands of extra dollars, on corporate boards?

Rensselaer's Jackson was at one point on five boards simultaneously.

The high salaries are also defended in terms of the fund-raising that certain presidents reputedly excel at, covering their compensation many times over.

But do they deserve sole credit for those donations? And at the nonprofit institutions, should  money be the main yardstick and currency?

Shouldn't ethics compete with economics, as they sometimes do when a school invests its endowment.

The lofty pay of college presidents is part of higher education's increasingly corporate bent, of the blurred lines between the campus and the marketplace.

And like the private enrichment of many political candidates, writes this distinguished researcher, who speak of  ''public service,'' it's not just a mirror of our pervasive culture.

It's a green light for it, from precincts of principle where a flashing yellow would be more appropriate. 

With most respectful dedication to all the Teachers of the world. See Ya all on   !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Education Priorities '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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