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MR. SZABO'S blog explained why he was examining the issues with such passion.:

The global financial crisis then underway suggested to him that the monetary system was broken and in need of replacement.

Whoever, it is, the real Satoshi Nakamoto has many good reasons for wanting to stay anonymous. Perhaps the most obvious is potential danger.

Sergio Demian Lerner, an Argentinian researcher, has concluded that Satoshi Nakamoto most likely collected collected nearly a million Bitcoins during the system's first year.

Given that each Bitcoin is now worth more than $240. That could make Satoshi a target. 

The concept behind bit gold was very similar to Bitcoin: It included a digital token that was scarce, like gold, and could be sent electronically without needing to pass through a central authority like a bank.

The history points the important role that Mr.Szabo and several others played in developing the building blocks that went into Bitcoin.

When Satoshi Nalamoto's paper describing Bitcoin appeared in the fall of 2008, it cited Mr. Back's hashcash.

 The first people Satoshi emailed privately were Mr. Back and Mr. Dai, both men have said. And Mr.Finney, who died in 2014, helped Satoshi improve the Bitcoin software in the fall of 2008, before it was publicly released, according to email shared with me by Mr.Finney and his family. 

It is, though, Mr.Szabo's activity in the fall of 2008, when Bitcoin emerged into the world, that has generated much of the suspicion about his role in the project.

Just a few months earlier, before anyone had ever heard of Satoshi Nakamoto or  Bitcoin. Mr.Szabo revived his bit gold idea on his personal blog, and in an online conversation about creating a live version of the virtual currency, he asked his readers:

"Anybody want to help me code one up?"

After Bitcoin appeared, Mr.Szabo changed the date on that blog post. It then looked as though it was written after Bitcoin's release, rather than before, archived versions of the website show.

Mr Szabo's writing about bit gold from the time contains many striking parallels with Satoshi's description of Bitcoin, including similar phrasings and even common writing mannerisms.

In 2014, researchers at Aston University, in Britain, compared the writing of several people who have been suspected to be Satoshi and found that none matched up nearly as well as Mr.Szabo's.

 The similarity was  ''uncanny''  said Jack Grieve, the lecturer who led the efforts.

When I went and read Mr.Sazabo's online writings, writes the author, it was obvious that in the year before Satoshi appeared on the scene and released Bitcoin, Mr.Szabo was again thinking seriously about digital money.

He wrote frequently and seriously over several months, about the concepts involved in digital money, including those smart contracts, a concept so specialized that Mr.Szabo is often given credit for inventing the term.

Smart contracts later showed up as an essential piece of the Bitcoin software.  

With his modest clothes and unassuming manner, Mr.Szabo could be the kind of person who could have a fortune and not spend any of it   -or even throw away the keys to the bank. People who know him say he drives a car from the 1990s.

That modest outeard appearance hasn't diminished the deference toward him among Bitcoin cognoscenti. Potential employees were drawn to Vaurum when they heard that Mr. Szabo worked there, people who interviewed at the company said.

They wanted to work alongside the person they suspected could be Satoshi Nakamoto  -or who at least participated in Bitcoin's invention.

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