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OVER THE LAST MANY months, I have often found student Imran Basit cursing at his wireless operator here.. His signals degrade in this sector point, null. An area, here in Islamabad, Pakistan, they call, F-6 

Engineer Imran Basit, [LUMS- with an MS from China],  the recipient of the President of Pakistan's medal  :  ''Pride of Performance''   is no ordinary engineer. Original, obsessive, and sparking brilliance.

So, with his curses and frowns ringing in my ears, he lectured me on leading technologies, and that had me dunce up to great engineers from Huwaei, Ericsson's, Zte. 

I am grateful to all of them for allowing me free tutorials, discussions,  to understand and in  developing my own insights to all the great challenges that loom the wireless way. 

IF YOU THINK THE NFL'S SUPER BOWL is big event, consider one that gives cellphone companies a big huge headache: NASCAR's Daytona 500.

The annual care race is one of the biggest sporting events in the U.S., with upwards of 230,000 attendees, many of them camped out and tailgating for days leading up to the big race.

For wireless service providers, Daytona exemplifies the challenge before them: tens of thousands of fan on the phone with friends and relatives, downloading data, uploading photos- And videos   -and all expecting to communicate without interruption or delay.

The NASCAR event is an example of the new forces driving the wireless telecommunication industry today: a fast-growing consumer appetite for high-speed data connections, enabling video to and from phones and tablets-

Often in settings involving large crowds in a confined area like a stadium, arena or office building...........But its more than racing fans who are demanding greater capacity and more speed.

Consumers are increasingly using their cellphones and other mobile device for functions they used to get from a computer firmly attached to an Ethernet line.

Onetime Cisco estimated that in in 2013, video accounted for 53% of all mobile traffic, and that the number will increase to 70 percent by 2018.

Customers are not only sending and receiving video, photos and data, they are also streaming music and movies and shopping online on their portable devices.

This exploding demand of high-speed connections has created a scramble to build out wireless infrastructure as wireless providers rush to stay ahead of customers.

''Our challenge is to sustain and build upon the massive growth that wireless infrastructure industry is experiencing,'' says Jonathan Adeistein, president and CEO of PCIA, otherwise known as the Wireless Infrastructure Association.

''Who wouldn't want to be in a  business that provides the supply to meet that demand?'' By one PCIA estimate, wireless service providers are in the midst of a spree   -at $35 billion a year   - as they upgrade their equipment to meet consumer demand.

''Data is driving the networks,'' says Adam Koeppe, vice president for network planning at Verizon, which had 103.3 million wireless retail connections as of March 2014.

With Cisco estimating that data over wireless will increase  660%  in the next five years, largely driven by video and social networks. Therefore, it is logical to assume that all the wireless networks, the world over, will have:

The crucial task of forecasting demand and making sure that their company's network is built out to handle the growing avalanche of data now associated with smartphone and tablet use.

''You have to prepare for the next  24 to 36 months,'' Koeppe says. ''Verizon has a tried-and-true process for forecasting demand. We've had a very robust planning and forecasting cycle.

We collaborate with our marketing department, we look at the mobile device forecast. We monitor usage on a daily basis. We can see every single cell site is doing, and both linear and non-linear growth rates.''

Verizon, for example has also focused on the needs of the enterprise, designing, installing, and maintaining robust in-building systems using  DAS , Small Cells, and distributed  RAN  technology.

The company is not averse to  Wi-Fi. ''We see it as a complementary mechanism,'' says Koeppe. 

AT&T, Verizon and other carriers have begun rolling out the latest wireless technology, called  4G  LTE   [Long Term Evolution], which brings true broadband speeds to mobile devices, making it possible to watch:TV programs and movies without being tethered to a wired connection.

''The demand for higher data speeds is forcing wireless providers to accelerate their 4G LTE installations,'' says Jeff Lewis, President of VERTICOM, a Dallas based company that helps firms design, build and upgrade their wireless networks.

''This increased coverage and capacity demand, the world over, puts pressure on installation schedules and emphasizes the importance of doing it right the first time.''

To support the higher speed demands of  4G LTE networks, VERTICOM is installing and testing fiber connectivity all the way to the top of the wireless tower, says Lewis.

As the Daytona 500 clearly demonstrates, one of the biggest technical challenges for a wireless networks is meeting peak demands at all kinds of massively attended events.

AT&Notes that attendees come to many sports venues with a ticket in one hand and smartphone in the other.

[OK!  So, now I know, what the hell is going on. For in last dharna [protest], led by O''Captain Imtan Khan,  -no wonder, my cell phone decided to take some time off.]

Usuage on AT&T's in-venue networks has risen more than 250% over the last professional championship games. In addition, AT&T says it set a new record for hourly peak data usuage for an event on its in-venue network when-

More than  180 gigabytes  were transmitted at a major race in Kentucky last May.     

The Honour and Serving of the  ''wireless operational technology research''  continues. Thank you for reading and, maybe, learning.

With respectful dedication to the Wireless Operators of the world entire. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' Wireless Future '''

'''Good Night and God Bless

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