Headline May 16, 2015/ ''' GO FIND A FUN JOB?! '''

''' GO FIND A FUN JOB?! '''

I AM JUST ABOUT a very senior  of the illiterate literates. Hardly know enough to get by. But some how, do.

But the world around me is an eye-opener for some of us. Now just hear what one learned observer writes:

*During my service, I had to recruit  82 technicians for establishing manufacturing facilities for   hi-tech    avionic equipment at one of the factories of the Pakistan Aeronautical complex, Kamra.

To accomplish this job, I had to personally visit, with my team, all the four provinces of the country.

While interviewing a candidate   -a so called electronics engineer-  with a degree from one of the universities in the south........it surprised me, surprised me, when he couldn't answer even the most basic questions regarding electronics.

On my insistence he opened up and admitted he had purchased the degree in the open-market. I couldn't believe my ears. 

If people like him were recruited how could the factory succeed in manufacturing the above mentioned hi-tech equipment?

One thing that really intrigues me is that the students appear in the board exams are freely copying using books, phones, iPads, etc, and the invigilators take no notice. 

And to top it all, TV cameras are also recording all this. Nobody takes any action against the erring staff.

When I was young and a student of Class VIII in Government High School No.2 Kohat, I used to see the police sitting outside examination halls with handcuffs ready in their hands when the examinations for class X were held.

I failed to understand the utility of the police outside the examination hall. But later it dawned on me that the arrangement was meant to apprehend anybody engaged in cheating and to cancel his candidature.

But there used to be hardly any case of cheating in those times. And now it is a case of free for all. Where are we headed? What type of future generations are we producing?

Will such a generation lead Pakistan to progress and prosperity? I think my generation was much better and I am proud of it.''  

Thank You, Sir, Air Cdr(r) Azfar A.Khan. My personal best wishes and keep writing.   

And that must include the learned man, -the super writer and contributor Arthur C.Brooks. And so he writes:

In contrast, purposelessness   -no matter how closely tied to worldly prosperity  -generally defines a hamster-wheel life, alarmingly bereft of satisfaction, ''Find a fun job?! sounds vaguely Sisyphean.

The existentialist philosopher   Jean Paul Sartre  evocatively termed the sensation of purposeless living the  ''nausea of existence.'' The nausea is exactly the sensation engendered by typical career advice.

''As I prepared to give my remarks, as a commencement speaker, I spoke to graduates of AveMoria University, of  Catholic institution of Southwestern Florida, I thought about the words of Bach,'' writes the author and continues:

''If anyone had the right to dispense  'product advice,'   it was Bach, the creator of more than a thousand published  works and considered by many to be the greatest composer who ever lived.

But when asked his approach to writing music, he said, ' Music's only purpose should be the glory of God and the recreation of the human spirit.'

Bach was the man on a mission, and two ingredients of his mission were sanctification and service. 

It is hard to find a better life purpose than the pursuit of higher consciousness and benevolence to others.

So here is my advice for anyone asked to give commencement speech : Avoid plastics; put purpose ahead of product: emphasize sanctification and service. Also, keep it under 30 minutes.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless.

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