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 A HOST OF COMPANIES have sprung up to offer advertisers ways to reach Instagram's audiences.

Some, like the New-York based Mobile Media Lab, match big brands with popular Instagrammers, many of whom are amateur photographers who have amassed followings larger than 100,000.

Others, Like San Francisco's Pixlee, provide the data analytics to help brands like Ugg identify user-generated photographs that feature their clothing and determine which will portray their brand most positively.

And like Hawk, many brands have built successful Instagram feeds of their own. Erika Berman, senior vice president of communications for Oscar de la Renta, has a following of 345,000 fashion lovers.

And last summer the company released its fall ad campaign   -which typically makes its debut in the pages of Vogue or Elle   -on Instagram.

The company published seven images, and each amassed  1,000  likes within the first hour. In the caption of each image, Bearman prompted to preorder the collection Oscardelarenta.com.

Bearman says anecdotal evidence suggests the campaign was successful. The company went to repeat the process that fall.

Social Media Properties can  often be like nightclubs. They're cool while the trendy people are there, and they disappear without leaving a trace. The ones that last somehow transform themselves from:

A vehicle of entertainment to a utility. Even if users stop loving it, they still need it. 

Facebook, so far,  has managed to pull off that trick. But Zuckerberg is still hedging his bets, and Instagram isn't his only alternative.

Facebook has moved to a multi-app strategy. The company has launched several new-apps, none of which has become a hit. 

In February last, it agreed to pay the astronomical sum of $19 billion to buy the fast growing mobile messaging service Whatsapp, which already boasts  455 million plus global users.

And over last March, it agreed to pay $2 billion to buy Oculus Rift , a virtual-reality headset company.  If Instagram doesn't hit it big, perhaps one of the other bets will.

Systrom and Krieger are highly attuned to the peril of shifting tastes. Even as Instagram's user base continues to grow,they're sprinting to develop new products that broaden its appeal.

''I belive we are in the midst of a privtization phase,'' says Systrom. This shift can be seen in the rise of apps like Snapchat and Whatsapp, which let users manipulate and share images with smaller audiences.

''It's not a technological shift, but a sociological shift, and we're respoinding to it,'' he says.  

Instagram offers a feature that lets users make their accounts private, and as newer cohorts of people have signed on to the service, slightly more of them are using it.

And in last December, Instagram launched a private messaging product. Most of the tech press wrote it off quickly but the data suggest that momentum is building. 

According to Instagram, over the past month 45 million people, or roughly 25% of its users , sent or received a direct message on the service.

The company has had success with its 15-second videos, which launched shortly after Twitter's Vine videos becale popular. Though Systrom says Instagram has been happy with it-

The company won't release information about how many people are using the video, and two sources close to the company suggest it has been disappointing. In a sense the company's blessings may also be its curse:

It has built in reputation on letting its users do one thing extremely fast and incredibly well.

Despite his concerns, Systrom believes that if the company can maintain that standard of execution, it has tremendous growth ahead.

Meanwhile the allure of the core product continues to hook people like Skinny, who has checked it daily for three years and can't imagine stopping.

''It's a little bit like a peek into someone psyche,'' he says of the Instagram's appeal.

How much would an advertiser pay for that?

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