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I MUST STOP FOR A WHILE to thank you all,  each one of you, -for the splendid support and encouragement that !WOW! receives from the world over. 

Many great Universities from all over ventured to ask for the vision of !WOW! in a fast changing world. While the vision must come from all of you, the students of the world, I can only make you privy to my private thinking: 

!WOW! must endeavour to provide the world with a shining example of Democracy. Someday, in the future, the students will debate the connection between public opinion and policy;

Students will discuss the challenges they face around the world. And thereby, go on to Enhance all segments of society the world over, through a united voice, for better governance and polity. 

!WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless, with the present but temporary Honour Host, Pakistan,  -which has. just published the following report:

The total number of out-of-school children at primary level in Pakistan, has dropped from 6.7 million in 2012-13 to 6.2 million. 

As per report from the Pakistan Education Statistics:

The total number of out-of-school children is 2.9 million in Punjab.
.- 0.4 million in KPK.
.- 1.8 million in Sindh.
.- 0.54 million in Baluchistan.

In the Islamabad Capital territory 24,000 children are out of school. And in a simple matter of common sense, the above stats could easily be from any of the countries in the developing world.

Education is turning into an exhausted battlefield. So one great suggestion, from a very distinguished author is to : Refocus some reformist passions on early childhood.

Though the report portrays a dismal state of education in the country in general but there is some encouraging development.

''The change is visible because of of the four-year National Plan of Action (NPA) launched in 2013,'' said Nasir Amin, director general of the Academy of Educational Planning and Management [AEPAM}.

According to the report, of all the primary-aged 5 to 9  years children, 68% are enrolled in schools. The highest net primary enrolment recorded is 83% in KPK, followed by  ICT  71 percent and the Punjab 70 percent.

In Baluchistan, the enrollment is slightly above 50 percent, while in Sindh it is over 60 percent.   

And !WOW! will continue to write regularly on this in the days ahead.

Waiting to be heard, is the remaining part of the research to which I now return, with the author leading the way:

I support education reform, states the author.  Yet the brawls have left everyone battered and bloodied, from reformers to teacher unions.

***I'm not advising surrender***.

Education inequity is America's original sin. 

A majority of American children in public schools are eligible for free or reduced price lunches, and they often get second-rate teachers in second-rate schools.

Even as privileged kids get superb teachers. This perpetuates class and racial inequity and arises in part from a failed system of local school financing.

But fixing  K-12  education will be a long slog, so let's redirect some energy to children aged 0 to 5  {including prenatal interventions, such as discouraging alcohol and drug use among pregnant women}.

That leads to my third reason: Early education is where we have the greatest chance of progress because it's not politically polarized. New York City liberals have embraced preschool-

But so have Oklahoma conservatives. Teacher unions will flinch at some of what I say, but they have been great advocates for early education. Congress can't agree on much, but Republicans and Democrats-

Just approved new funding for home-visitation for low-income toddlers.

My perspective is shaped by what I've seen. Helping teenagers and adults is tough when they've dropped out of school, had babies, joined gangs, compiled arrest records or self-medicated.

But in Oklahoma, I once met two little girls, ages 3 and 4, whose great-grand mother had her first child at 13-

Whose grandmother had her first at 15-

Whose mom had her first at 13 and now has four children by three fathers.

These two little girls will break that cycle, I'm betting, because they {along with the relative caring for them} are getting help from an outstanding early childhood program called Educare.

Those two little girls have a shot at  opportunity.  

Even within early education, there will be battles. Some advocates emphasize the first three years of life, while others focus on 4-year-olds. Some seek to target the most-at-risk children while others emphasize universal programs.

But early childhood is not a toxic space., the way K-12 education is now. So let's deploy some of our education passions, on all sides, to an area where we just just may be able to find common ground:

***Providing a foundation for young children aged 0 to 5***.

With respectful dedication to all the Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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'''Good Night and God Bless

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