Headline June 01, 2015/ ''' RAPE : THE GLOBAL SCOURGE '''


A UNITED NATIONS SURVEY found that that nearly a quarter of men in six Asian and Pacific countries admitted : to having raped a woman-

And  37% of men surveyed in one South African province said they had raped. Whether in South Africa or the United States or the Asian sub-continent, sexual assault thrives with impunity the world over.

STUDENT NATASHA, 14, had just gotten off the school bus after ninth grade basketball practice in one evening and was walking home on a quiet street beside a creek.

When she heard footsteps behind her, she thought it was one of her classmates.

Instead it was man who grabbed her and threw her over a fence into a wooded area beside the creek. He beat her, stripped her and raped her, she says, and then dragged her head under the water. 

A couple of times, he pulled her head up to see if she was still breathing. So she says the next time she pretended to be dead. He kicked her body into the stream and then left.

Natasha says she waited and when, she was sure he had gone, waded back to shore and ran home. Her family rushed her to the hospital, where she endured hours of humiliating scrutiny as nurses collected a rape kit:

DNA, hairs, fibers, anything that could found on her body. The police took a statement from Natasha and picked up the rape kit from the hospital. Then they did nothing. For years. That was 1991. 

The police department here in Robbins, ILL, a struggling, low-in-come suburb of 5,000 people just south of Chicago, allowed rape kits to sit untested in the shelves.

Officers don't seem to have seriously investigated the assault, and the rapist got away with his crime  -even as student Natasha was tormented by it.

Student Natasha dropped sports and mostly stayed at home, terrified. She never learned to swim and still avoids water because of her trauma.

She became a troublemaker at school and struggled with her temper. Natasha says she has had trouble trusting men ever since and never married.

Then a couple of years ago, after a series of scandals in the Robbins Police Department, the Cook County Sheriff's Office took over the evidence room and found scores of rape kits just gathering dust. One of them was Natasha's.

The sheriff's  office had it tested, and returned with a DNA match on a career criminal, Carl F, now 46, who had a long record of offenses.

Another rape kit in the same evidence room also returned a hit on Carl F., the sheriff's office says.

Many Americans bristle at accusations that there is a  ''rape culture''  that sometimes tolerates sexual assault.

Put aside the issue of terminology. Whatever you call it, there is no doubt that we have been lackadaisical about addressing sexual assaults.

The injustice of rape is compounded by the injustice of official indifference. The result is impunity for rapists, more rape and more traumatic burdens for students  like Natasha.

There are now signs of action on kit testing.

Bravo to Vice President Joe Biden for championing the issue along with Senator Barbara Mikulski, a democrat of Maryland.

The US government has made available funds to help pay for whittling through the backlog.

"I've  written a great deal about educational inequality in America, with affluent communities offering a first-rate education and poorer one's providing failing schools," says the researcher, and continues:

"We have profound law enforcement inequality: In poor jurisdictions, public security often fails in ways that leaves survivors scarred forever."

Activists say that the  rape-kit backing disproportionately affects low-income communities with fewer resources , often those with large minority populations. 

Rape is a global scourge.

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